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YG Entertainment confirms TREASURE13 will debut without Ha Yoonbin


YG Entertainment made an official statement about TREASURE13.

In an official statement, YG Entertainment explained that the groups were originally split into TREASURE 7 and MAGNUM 6, and together called TREASURE13, but from now on, they will be combined into one group called TREASURE. The label promised that the group would have active promotions, including unit and solo promotions.

Second, the group was originally not going to allow the members to participate in their songs, but YG Entertainment has decided to allow them to do so. This is because while TREASURE’s debut was delayed, the members’ self-composed releases were met with high approval from fans. 

Lastly, the label announced that as of December 31st, 2019, Ha Yoonbin has left TREASURE and will no longer be in the group. He has apparently expressed that he wants to be a soloist, and YG Entertainment has agreed to terminate his contract to let him go.

TREASURE will start releasing material starting in January 2020.


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