Writing a critical essay


For many people, the words “critique” and “criticise” are associated with reasoning and revealing a negative side. You might think that writing a critique essay is all about parsing all of the author’s arguments, to show how weak their work is. But in reality, this is not quite the case.

What is a critical essay?

To begin with, criticism means an analysis that identifies both the negative and the positive sides of the phenomenon under consideration. A critical essay is a form of essay where it is necessary to analyze, and evaluate any scientific work, dissertation, article, report, or work of fiction.

Students can be encouraged to write a critical essay to develop their critical thinking as they learn to identify contradictions in the work, find errors, and mistakes, see the weaknesses and strengths of the work and check the validity of these or other arguments.

Techniques for working with the original

The first thing to do is to stockpile a copy of the original work. If it’s a scholarly article or short story, you won’t have trouble making a copy. A longer work, such as a dissertation or a lengthy work of fiction, is more difficult. If the work is available in electronic form, you can review it on a computer, using Microsoft Office review tools, for example. In other cases, you need to make all notes in a notebook to mark it up.

If the book is small, read through it first to get a general view of it. Describe your impression of the work in free form and write a short abstract. If it is very difficult, read through the individual topics and describe your impressions of each one.

When you read it again, pay attention to the details. If it is a scientific study, check the arguments put forward for the conclusions, and pay attention to the logic of the structure, completeness, clarity of the statement, and other points. Fiction literature should consider the development of plot lines, character development, originality of action, presence of climaxes, and so on.

Underline anything that confused or embarrassed you. Write questions in the margins or in a notebook, noting incorrectnesses, weaknesses, and weaknesses in the work. All this will help you to write your essay in the future.

Techniques for writing a critical essay

In the water part of the critical essay, you need to identify the work itself and its author. Note the regalia of the researcher or writer and the date of its publication.
Briefly consider the problem raised in the work. In the case of a scholarly work, be sure to indicate the aims of the work, the main scholarly statements, and the author’s arguments.

Describe your experience with the author. When analyzing scientific papers, be sure to find out how reputable the scientist is in the scientific community.

Move on to the main part of the paper, which should be more lengthy than the conclusion and introduction. If it is a critical paper on scientific papers, the main part should focus on the presence of arguments in the paper and the identification of counterarguments.

Move on to the conclusion. In it, state your overall opinion on the analyzed paper. Do you agree with the arguments of the author? Suggest your own solutions from reading the material: what could be improved or added.

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Amenorhu Kwaku

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