Wolfgang Gartner & Kill The Noise Team Up For Electrifying Debut Collab, “Battlestations”


The combination of Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise, two legends of dance music, feels like it should have happened years ago. But, better late than never as the two finally release their electrifying debut collaboration, “Battlestations.”

“Battlestations” combines the best of both artists, with shimmering electro synths and uplifting melodic chords, punctuated by robotic vocal samples and flittering bleeps and bloops. It’s a brilliant melodic tune that just gets better the longer and more you listen to it. The final drop, especially, is some perfect electro gold that wonderfully encapsulates the abilities of both artists and easily puts this in our “on repeat” column.

Check out “Battlestations” from Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise below!


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