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We’ll resist government’s attempt at weakening Ghana’s democracy – NDC


The opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC), has vowed to fight what it calls the government’s attempts at compromising Ghana’s democracy.

In a statement commemorating a year’s anniversary of the 2020 general elections, the NDC cited the killing of eight Ghanaians during the 2020 general elections, among others, as examples of the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) attempts at weakening Ghana’s democracy.

“We pledge to fight as hard as possible within the law, to prevent the current government from bastardizing our democracy, and we promise that no sacrifice on our part would be too much to bear in order to secure for ourselves and our posterity, the benefits of the democracy that we toiled so hard to establish.”

There were 61 recorded cases of electoral and post-electoral violence across the country, according to the police.

Twenty-one of the incidents were true cases of electoral violence, six of which involved gunshots.

The party said it was disappointing that the governing NPP had failed to ensure justice for families of the deceased.

“Today, we recall, with grave sadness and sorrow, that eight (8) Ghanaians were needlessly murdered by agents of the state under the ultimate control of the Presidency during the 2020 general elections.

“What is even more baffling over and beyond the tardiness of the Akufo-Addo government in bringing to book the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, is the fact that the President has never for once acknowledged that his victory was secured over the lifeless bodies of his fellow citizens.”

The party also expressed its dissatisfaction with the controversy surrounding the approval of the 2022 budget, saying the President had failed to engage in extensive consultations.

“We now have a President who obviously does not believe in dialogue or negotiations and would, at any stage of engagement, seek to employ the tactics of a wannabe dictator to bully his way through”