We’ll probe alleged corruption at Passport Office – Director of Passports

passport office

The passport office has said it will probe claims that some Ghanaians are being charged illegal fees for the printing of passports.

Speaking on the RCNews during a discussion on the matter, the Director of Passports, Louis Obeng, said his outfit “is prepared to listen to those people and then investigate.”

Some Ghanaians have complained that they have paid between GH¢400 and GH¢700 in order to fast-track the acquisition process, despite paying for premium online services.

Though payments are supposed to be done online, Mr. Obeng also acknowledged the problem of middlemen in the system who may be contributing to the problem.

“For far too long, there are a number of people who go round taking money from people… We realized that these people don’t work at the passport office.”

Despite the reports of bad experiences and corruption, Mr. Obeng complained that people who have had contact with the unauthorised persons to process applications are not open enough.

“When you insist that these applicants tell you whether his or her money has been taken, the person will deny,” he said.

Mr. Obeng also denied reports that there was a shortage of passport booklets in the system.

Even though he admitted that some passport applicants have been facing delays, he said, “it doesn’t mean there is a shortage of booklets”.

“He further urged applicants with issues to step forward, “and let us find out exactly what the problem is.”

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

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