Watch CNN Go There – Local News 8

Watch CNN Go There - Local News 8



“Go There” is a deeper look at the cultural, political and economic challenges affecting our lives. We’re going to take you to the center of the story alongside our correspondents across the globe. Episodes premiere weekdays at 8 p.m. ET on Facebook. Check out some of our recent content below.

Covid-19 pandemic highlights challenges for students

The program takes a look at the challenges students in lower-income communities have had to face as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools to turn to virtual learning.

Nurse on front lines: This is bringing me to tears

“Go There” explores how nurses — often the first on the front line in hospitals around the country — are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve talked to a few nurses who’ve spoken candidly about their stress, anxiety and fears surrounding treating patients.

See surprising location of Russian troll factory

Russia is interfering with the 2020 US presidential election, but not where you might expect. CNN’s Clarissa Ward heads to Ghana, where a Russian troll farm has been based, and confronts people on the ground about the operation. This is a never-before-seen look at how Russia is once again trying to influence America’s democracy.

These puppies are training to assist in avalanche rescue

Devastating avalanches are already killing hundreds of people, and climate change could make that even worse. We ride along with the Telluride Ski Patrol in Colorado to see how setting off controlled avalanches can minimize risk — and how members are training rescue dogs.

How one canner survives in New York City

An estimated 10,000 people collect recyclables in New York. CNN follows one canner named Chicago Crosby through the streets of Brooklyn as she hopes for a bill that would raise the value of returned cans from a nickel to a dime.


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