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Want your business featured in a Morgantown Musical?


MONONGALIA COUNTY,W.Va (WDTV) — The MT Pockets Theater Company is adding some local knowledge to their most recent show.

Originally titled the “The Real Housewives”…the company decided to bring the show a bit closer to home and renamed it “The Real Housewives of Morgantown.”

Although the show’s original characters and plot will remain the same, the show’s director says the businesses mentioned will be swapped out for local companies.

“That’s what the beauty of this piece is, said Director, Seret Cole. It allows our theater company to incorporate our city as well as reach out to area businesses for sponsorship and in exchange, those businesses will be featured in the show by the cast saying them. So it’s a great way for other area businesses to advertise and for us to connect as a group.”

The show will premiere in August and auditions are still open until Sunday, January 5th.


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