Vodafone Healthline : Drinking iced water has no linkage with heart problems
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Vodafone Healthline : Drinking iced water has no linkage with heart problems


Discussions on the Season Nine, Episode three of the Vodafone Healthline Series focused on the relationship between iced water and heart problems.

The two panelists – who usually kick off the show with health topics trending on social media dismissed the widely held myth that drinking iced water or very hot fliuds could cause heart problems.

The practitioners explained that it is impossible to get heart problems from drinking cold water since the food that enters the body through the mouth has no contact with the heart.

“Again, the body itself is warm inside, so when you take in a very cold substance by the time the water gets to the stomach, it becomes warm to the same temperature level as that of the body, it doesn’t stay cold for long,” Senior Physician and Cardiologist, Dr. Folson said.

Dr. Yalley also explained that the body auto-regulates-bringing substances of extreme temperature, hot or cold, to the ideal body temperature.

“As the body takes in whatever you feed it, it tries to normalise it to the body temperature level, so to say that iced substances give heart problems is an emphatic ‘no’,” he added.

Dr. Folson also mentioned the actual causes of heart problems which include hypertension, diabetics, high cholesterol levels, improper diet, inadequate sleep, alcohol intake, smoking and lack of exercise among others.

He said these diseases have no correlation with heart problems.

They also dispelled the notion that drinking hot liquid kills Coronavirus.

The next part of the show highlighted how a nine-year-old boy, Kweku Simon Awuni who was knocked down by a vehicle while returning from school at Nkawkaw got assistance from Vodafone Healthline.

Vodafone Healthline catered for the cost of Awuni’s treatment.

There was also a discussion about the role of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

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