Tyga Launches Tyga Bites Virtual Chicken Restaurant

tyga bites

Tyga is taking a bite out of the food business.

The Los Angeles rapper is innovating with the times by opening a delivery-only restaurant called Tyga Bites that serves chicken nuggets that are baked, boneless, and free of antibiotics.

As part of his virtual dining concept, he aims to help struggling restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic by targeting 500 kitchens and teaching the chefs to make the oven-baked chicken tenders. He’s partnering with mobile ordering platform Grubhub to deliver the food.

Tyga Bites come in three flavors of chicken (black garlic, lemon black pepper, and peri-peri, spice dusts) and 12 sauces to dip the nuggets including Korean BBQ, bourbon, and mango habanero. He’s also serving bite-sized Tyga Tots in regular and sweet potato flavors, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Speaking with “TMZ Live,” Tyga unveiled his virtual restaurant concept, which he started working on prior to the COVID lockdown.

“It’s a virtual restaurant,” explained Tyga. “If you own a restaurant and you want to make extra money every month, you basically franchise Tyga Bites. We teach you how to make it… You can basically make it in your kitchen and make extra money.”

He came up with the idea after late nights in the studio. “When I’m in the studio or if I’m on set and I want something quick, I don’t want something heavy, chicken nuggets and chicken tenders, chicken bites is probably the most common food worldwide, with French fries. So I was like, let’s do something but a little more healthier.”

The rapper is now celebrity chef Eric Greenspan of Tyga Bites


Lisa Scholfield
Lisa Scholfield

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