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Trash destroying the land of entertainment


WASHINGTON: It is amazing how self-important the “entertainment industry,” as Ron Howard refers to it, believes itself to be. A bunch of bloviating, foul-mouthed sissified make believers, who, for the most part, couldn’t spit out an original complete thought without a writer.  And at that, there are often cue cards for this pack of classless performers. (Filmmaker Ron Howard reveals what Hollywood really thinks about Trump – AOL Entertainment)

The fact is, that this is a wonderful country that provides a stage for people to have a vicarious existence, getting paid for the privilege. They bank mountains of lucre and convince themselves that money equals intelligence. This pack of hyenas is about as industrious as the snails camped out under the back porch of an abandoned farmhouse.

Hollywood and Politicians: West and East living in a weird world of fiction

They make their living pretending to be something they are not. Occasionally they do fit the part: The Walking Dead being memorable. They are not so very different than most of the fatheads they worship in Washington like Shelia Jackson Lee or Nancy Pelosi. Those politicians who seldom take their foot out of their mouth except to change feet.

Such a vast number of barely literate people prancing before the cameras expecting the common folk to worship their opinions.

The difference between Hollywood and Washington and planet earth.

Apparently, today, marketing personalities means nothing insofar as character goes. The language is not only vile but juvenile. Once there were stars, fondly appreciated even with their character blemishes. There were John Wayne, John Ford,  James Stewart, or Susan Hayward. There were the actresses who at least demonstrated some conduct of lady-like care of womanhood.

And although those stars of the past may have had singular opinions, they offered them up with some grace and/or honest disagreement.

Accordingly, while there may have been differences of opinion, James Stewart and Henry Fonda as one example of many, kept things at a civil level and were steadfast friends. (What kept Henry Fonda and James Stewart friends for 50 years? – The Washington Post)

Ladies of ‘The View’: Reaping what they sow

Today, after a splatter of ill-mannerisms and conduct on some programs, like The View, a news item will emerge. Often referring to “The Ladies of the View” having a set-to. “Ladies”? My god, Elizabeth Taylor could pass for Emily Post compared to that collection of foul-mouth feminine polecats. (‘The View’ Stars Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Got Into Heated Debate on Wednesday)

And one only has to listen to some four-letter frothing by that prince of articulation, Robert Deniro, to wonder why anyone ever spent (or spends) a nickel on this crude, unpolished, buffoon. (Robert De Niro Hits Out at ‘Idiot’ Donald Trump in Profanity-Laced Rant)

Ron Howard who got his start as cute, lovable Opie Taylor on the down-home Andy Griffith Show has grown up and taken his place in the garbage heap of Hollywood. In fact, he has planted his flag. He Tweeted recently that Donald Trump, in the eyes of the industry is: self-serving, dishonest, morally bankrupt and an egomaniac.

#MeToo protected in Hollywood

That would be, of course, a clone to Harvey Weinstein, that paragon of virtue who survived for years with his conduct an open secret in the great industry of Hollywood and television. Was Harvey somehow not viewed by the eyes of the industry. (Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations – Wikipedia)

These people would lie to their own mothers, then preen for the cameras and speak of truth and justice at the Academy Awards. Speaking of the Academy Awards, they will soon be ready for the red-carpet rollout. The men in their clownish tuxedoes and the women in their see-thru toilet paper dresses will babble unscripted third-grade drivel — a few childish bromides of sorts. There will be the obligatory applause and faked smiles.  And the intelligence of Hollywood will reveal cancer of the intellect.

Who needs these people?  Thank goodness for TCM and Clint Eastwood.




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