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The ultimate detox guide: 6 ways to kick-start your health and fitness in 2020


The ultimate detox guide: 6 ways to kick-start your health and fitness in 2020

The ultimate detox guide: 6 ways to kick-start your health and fitness in 2020&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspGetty Images

New Delhi: The festive period brings together a host of celebrations that make us cherish our times and end the year with happy vibes. With the New Year in full swing – it’s time to refuel, recharge and begin the year by repairing the damages done in the festive season. To garner the best of the new year, it is indeed important to let the toxicity of the past go with healthy goals. A post-festive detox is a simple routine to remove the unduly effects of the new year celebrations and holiday season and reboot the mind, body, and soul.

Post-festive detox guide to kick-start your 2020

Here’s your ultimate guide to detoxing your body and help kick-start your fitness goals in 2020.

  1. Lemon water – to begin the day: Squeeze half a lemon in lukewarm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Lemon is a great detoxifier loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to flush out toxins from the body. The drink doesn’t just wake you up and revives energy, but also aids in better digestion, improved metabolism and boosts the immune system. As you sip lemon water you feel relaxed and calm in the morning, beginning the day with a positive note too.
  2. Exercise: Exercising 30 minutes a day is the healthiest way to turn around your life at any time of the year. Be it yoga, running, jogging, or intense exercises at the gym – sweating a little and pumping up your body can help you flush out the toxins off your body. Exercising boosts body functionality, improves awareness, and burns those extra calories to keep you active and energetic all day. 
  3. Cut down on sugar: So you have indulged in pumpkin pies, plum cakes and gallons of alcohol this season. It’s time to give sugar a break. The New Year diet plan should exempt from the use of sugar and experience the energy rush in the body. Stay away from added sugar, sweets, high-glycemic foods, and processed carbs for at least a few weeks. Empty your pantry and reject the temptation of indulging into sweets to save yourself from spiked sugar levels and unwanted weight. As you pass the 3-weeks detox window, you may start with natural sugars or less-processed alternatives.
  4. Include turmeric in your diet: Turmeric is a natural healer, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Add a touch of turmeric to your daily diet – turmeric milk or just adding raw turmeric to your salads are some options. Inflammation can occur not just with people experiencing joint pains, or sore muscles but also with heightened consumption of caffeine, alcohol, carbs and not enough sleep. Turmeric helps detoxify the body while healing it naturally.
  5. Eat light, Stay right: Of course, the festive season ended up with too many indulgences that disturbed your diet. It’s time to create a balance. The New Year detox should be about maintaining light meals for all times of the day. Instead of bingeing on high-calorie, high-carb diets like pasta, pizzas, rice, etc, choose healthy meals of salads, soups, and fruits. The natural goodness of a salad bowl gifts your body the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals it needs. 
  6. Detox baths: There is no better way to detoxify your senses, skin, and body than to excuse for a warm detox bath. After all the celebrations, it is time to put some TLC (tender loving care) in order. Add some Epsom salts, essential oils or chamomile lotion after your bath to rejuvenate your senses and experience blissfulness of cleanse. A detox bath makes you more self-aware, relaxed, and ready for the day ahead.

Begin your year with responsible steps towards health – and the first step is a detox! Drain out the toxins from your body and mind to celebrate a truly happy year!

(Disclaimer: The author, Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Director, is a guest contributor and a part of our medical expert panel. Views expressed are personal)


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