The Fulani O To Ge Struggle: A Slap For Fulani By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed - Republik City News


Poverty abound because of the desperate attempt of our politicians. Sons and daughters of a poor parent become another man’s children because of poverty.

An innocent mother resorts to prostitution to feed her children because poverty has overpowered her.

Husbands become fraudsters because they have no hope for survival; all their hopes have been dashed by bad political decisions.

Youths turn to praise-singers, and gradually metamorphose into thugs for politicians. These are deliberate plans by our selfish politicians to keep Nigerians in perpetual mental slavery.

I shook my head over and over again, with the pettiness empowerment called Fulani’s O To Ge struggle by Ismail Kayode Tijani, honourable member of the House of Representatives, representing Oyun, Offa and Ifelodun Constituency of Kwara State.

If one has been favoured with kindness, one ought to give thanks. As young as Hon Ismail Kayode Tijani is, he should have distanced himself from the outdated templates of old politicians who use petty and highly dehumanising “empowerment” programmes to supposedly appease innocent and uneducated people.

Youths occupy almost 90 per cent of his constituency, but they are simply loitering around without education.  In spite of this important defect, Hon Ismail Kayode’s constituents are being “empowered” with grinding machines and clippers! Such absurdity is a mockery of our humanity!

A visionary youth leader ought to ensure he empowers his young people academically, as well as helping those who may not choose the academic route with good skill acquisition programmes.

Indeed, looking at the huffiness of Nigerian politicians, they are like a mother whose child plays with her breasts during electioneering period. But, upon emerging victorious, they become a father whose testes are too sacred for a child’s play.

Hon Ismail Kayode Tijani should borrow from the words of Martin Luther King Jr who said “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

The question therefore is: is Hon Ismail Kayode Tijani deliberately using grinding machines and clippers to invoke acute poverty on his people and their generations yet unborn, under the guise of empowerment?

Did Hon Ismaïl Kayode Tijani place some people above others, by saying that his petty empowerment this time is for Fulani’s O To Ge struggle?

Oyun, Offa and Ifelodun are under his constituency and in as much as he represents them, he has no right to call some by tribe. It is a slap to the office he occupies.

The good people of Oyun, Offa and Ifelodun deserve good representation not his ongoing pettiness and utter dehumanisation in the name of empowerment.

You don’t dare flog a masquerade that enters your house mistakenly, you politely tell the masquerade that it has missed its way.

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