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Adrian Graphics & Marketing is an acclaimed Sacramento SEO company, providing services to clients throughout California for more than a decade. We facilitate growth and expansion of local businesses in addition to our professional, tailored SEO practices.

Keyword Research

When writing search engine optimization content, what is the best method for choosing keywords? Ultimately, it comes down to keyword research. Utilizing professional software, a Sacramento SEO expert can identify the terms, phrases, and search queries people commonly enter when looking for your services on search engines. This means potential customers will be able to discover your website.

Content Optimization

The right keywords are not the only thing necessary for a successful SEO campaign. The Sacramento content optimization experts ensure your content reaches the most people possible by including meta tags and related links, optimizing headlines, images, and videos, and adding meta tags and relevant links. Search engine traffic is what you’ll get when you optimize your content so that it is easily found.

Technical SEO

In addition to content optimization and SEO, speed optimization, mobile-friendly design, and architecture optimization are all good aspects of technical SEO. Your site must be able to be read by the search engines in order for them to index it. However, despite the lack of excitement, this is also a crucial aspect of SEO. Your optimized content should be visible to your customers if you implement technical SEO.

Schema Markup

Your SEO expert will implement Schema markup into your HTML to generate proper rich snippets for your SEO results. As a result, you will have the option of choosing what you want displayed rather than being solely dependent upon Google. Improve your website’s click-through rate by including information such as star ratings and publication dates.

Link Building & Backlinking

A backlink is also called an inbound link, and one links to another web page while another web page links to yours. A backlink is very important for SEO as Google, Bing, and other search engines take them as positive votes. A site’s rankings are affected by the number of backlinks it receives. Find out how Sacramento SEO professionals can help you improve your backlinks using other techniques and tools.

Social Media Marketing

Although social media content is not directly responsible for SEO ranking shifts, other factors can be influenced by it as well. The more traffic you generate on social media, the higher your ranking in search results will be. Videos and infographics shared on social media will lead to more visitors to your website.

Local SEO

Other services such as Google Adwords and the like cannot compare with local SEO. The search engine results for content that has been optimized by a professional are more likely to rank highly. If a person is looking for services similar to those you provide in your area, your website should be the one to appear on top of their list.

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