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The best health and fitness technology of CES 2020


Every year the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gives attendees and the wider world a little glimpse into the future. Robots, flying cars, and gadgets abound representing the cutting edge of some of the most forward-thinking tech companies’ ideas.

Given that the worldwide health technology market is thought to be worth around £300 million, it’s no surprise that tech brands are desperate to be the next big Fitbit or Garmin.

Last year’s CES brought us some truly wild and wonderful creations such as companion robots, a Y-shaped toothbrush, and a cat treadmill. This year’s offerings have been decidedly more useful and less wacky, but that’s not to say there aren’t some fun options here.

Here’s a few of the most brilliant and bonkers health innovations that we might all have in our homes in the next decade, according to this year’s CES.

Hydrofoiler XE-1


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