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Texas Democrats stage walk out to protest strict voting bill and deny GOP opportunity to pass it


Texas is the last big battleground in Republican efforts to tighten voting laws, driven by Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen, according to The Guardian.

Georgia and Florida have passed new restrictions.

Joe Biden on Saturday compared Texas’ bill to election changes in those states as “an assault on democracy”.

The vote in the Texas Senate came a short time after a final version of the bill was made public.

Writing for The Independent, Graig Graziosi said Sign up for the daily Inside Washington email for exclusive US coverage and analysis sent to your inbox Get our free Inside Washington email Democratic lawmakers in Texas staved off – perhaps only temporarily – the passage of a restrictive new voting rights bill pushed by Republican legislators in the state.

Democrats in the Texas House managed to block the passage of Senate Bill 7, known as the “Election Integrity Protection Act,” by walking off the floor in the middle of a debate on Sunday night.

By doing so, the lawmakers broke quorum, which forced the Texas House of Representatives to adjourn.

Democrats in the Texas Senate pleaded with their Republican colleagues not to advance the bill, arguing that its provisions were clearly a response to the explosive voter turnout in the largely Democratic Harris County, near Houston, which is home to a large population of non-white voters.

They claimed the bill was an attempt to make it harder to voters to actually cast their ballots by placing a number of hurdles in front of individuals who wish to vote by mail or those who lack transportation.

Writing for USA Today, Chuck Lindell said I feel like you’re coming for my district,” said Sen. Borris Miles, D-Houston, adding that leaders with the FBI, Department of Justice and Texas secretary of state’s office acknowledged that the 2020 election was safe, secure and free of widespread fraud.

Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, D-Austin, said SB 7 was an overreaction.

“We’ve had next to no fraud, and this has been documented at the federal level and the state level.

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Lisa Scholfield

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