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Tehachapi Fitness transforms into Sculpt365 Health Clubs Inc. | Lifestyle


The New Year is when many people embark on making resolutions, especially the resolution to lose weight or get in shape.

One local fitness center has made the resolution to transform into a health club, and with that, they are offering an exciting incentive to help you keep your weight loss resolution.

Tehachapi Fitness first opened its doors seven years ago as a total fitness gym. However, this month, Tehachapi Fitness will finalize a merger with Round the Clock Fitness in Oildale and Sculpt365 Fitness in Bakersfield to form a new entity: Sculpt365 Health Clubs Inc.

The new health club will remain a family operated business with Laurel Janssen in charge of operations and management, and her husband, Craig Janssen, responsible for business development and technology.

Laurel’s parents, Terry and Roxann Delamater, will assist in the transition from a gym to a health club.

“We are changing from a gym to a health club, meaning we are offering guidance in nutrition, and in addition, we are offering an opportunity to do progress testing where we are able to measure the percentage of body fat and lean muscle that a person has,” said Terry.

According to the patriarch, the health club’s programs will be geared toward helping people prevent disease, such as diabetes, through proper nutrition and exercise.

The name Sculpt365 was created by the Janssens, who were in search of the perfect identity in which to move forward into 2020.

“As we were sitting down and thinking about our mission statement and our core values of where we wanted to go, we thought ‘sculpt’ was the perfect name as far as what we wanted for people and their bodies,” said Laurel, adding, “We are also open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members always have access, so we wanted that to be a part of the name, too.”

With the merger came the whole package of helping people with nutrition, exercise and offering something for everyone by tailoring their services to fit individual needs.

As an incentive, the health club will offer a six-week, weight loss challenge starting the last week of January.

“We have done weight loss challenges in the past, but the best part of this one is the fact that we are going to be giving nutrition guidance,” Laurel said. “My mom, Roxann, is a certified nutritionist, and she is going to come in and offer three different seminars to make sure people understand the benefits of food, how it works in your body, the horrors of sugar and how your body needs a time of rest through fasting.”

The Mission Slim Possible weight loss challenge will cost $40, and members as well as non-members of the club are welcome. Three top prizes will be awarded, with the grand winner to receive a cash prize.

The week of the weight loss challenge, participants are asked to come into the health club during sign-up hours, Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., when an initial scan and analysis will be done.

The challenge will kick off at 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30. In-body scans should be completed by the time of the kick off.

Said Laurel, “That will actually give more than just weight. We really want to see fat loss and muscle gain. The in-body scan will give us a readout of many other things. It’s not just the numbers on the scale, but how you truly progressed in your health.”

The fee will include participation in the challenge, three nutrition seminars, group workouts and one-on-one sessions with a nutritionist as well as personal trainers.

“The future of health clubs is bright due to the potential cost savings by integrating fitness and nutrition with the health care industry,” Terry said.

For more information and the challenge, services or memberships available, call Sculpt365 Health Clubs Inc. at 823-8205 or visit sculpt365.fitness.


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