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Technology to boost Harrow Council’s adult social care programme


Access to improved technology is part of Harrow Council’s latest adult social care programme as it tries to meet increasing demands.

A report by its scrutiny committee showed more assistive technology can help people live independently for longer.

It noted the positive impact this has on residents as well as the fact it reduces, or at least delays, the amount of extra care required.

According to the report, two types of assistive technology are being trialled in the borough by a total of 60 people with results expected early in 2020.

The council’s adult social care vision also includes plans to improve access to online information.

Opposition Conservative councillors have expressed concerns about the growing influence of online resources and the impact this will have on the borough’s older population and those who struggle with English.

The scrutiny report noted there is a potential to provide residents with more information and that better signposting will ensure this information is relevant to their needs.

The council launched a new website in October and said it continues to update its adult social care resources while site usage is monitored.

A satisfaction survey is planned for users in February, while carers will get to have their say later in the year.


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