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Suspected burglar hits same business twice exactly two years later, New Year’s Day


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)– A suspect returns to the scene of the crime three years later and does it again, and it’s caught on video.

On the first day of 2017, a burglar took advantage of a building with business open on holidays and New Year ’s Day 2020 he’s back for more.

“He did it before and got away with it so we thought hey let me go try it again,” said John Carroll, an attorney.

Three years ago New Year ’s Day a burglar ransacks several offices closed for the holiday stealing laptops. One from Nick Thelen who added four cameras in his office.

Nick Thelen said, “Maybe if he has seen more cameras that would be a deterrent but it doesn’t seem to stop this guy yet.”

New Year’s Day 2020 and a suspect comes in the same door unlocked for a ground floor business but he heads upstairs to closed offices and pries open doors in a law firm.

“I think this guy probably has a good track record across the city pulling this kind of stunt. He’s timing it perfectly. It’s a holiday and a building that’s basically unsecured,” said Carroll.

This New Year the burglar made a resolution to be less identifiable by covering his face and pushing up security cameras the landlord has added.

Business owners in this office building are convinced the burglar who hit three years ago on New Year’s Day came back yesterday but this time leaving an important clue.

The suspect is seen carrying a metal clipboard as he enters the office building.

“I think he was using it as a prop to look official the reason he was here,” said Carroll.

But he didn’t leave with it and the managing attorney for the law firm turns it over to police.

Angela Zimmer the managing attorney said, “And it was left lying in one of the offices broken into.”

Maybe prints and information from the clipboard will lead to the burglary suspect who might spend next New Year ’s Day in prison.

Though drawers were found open the attorneys didn’t find any missing files so they suspect the motive for the break-in is likely money and laptops. The firm is offering a $500 reward for the arrest of the burglary suspect.


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