Snow removal companies hope upcoming storm brings back business


MIDDLETON (WKOW) — After a few fall snowstorms, Madison’s winter has taken a mild turn, and businesses that rely on that snowfall say it’s impacting their bottom lines.

Though drivers may be rejoicing in the clear conditions, Sean Carrington, owner of Carrington Lawn and Landscape, said it’s been an unwelcome surprise.

“Snow is our livelihood,” he said. “When everyone else is doom and gloom, we appreciate all the snow.”

Carrington said his business relies on four months of snow removal to make it through when conditions are too cold for landscape and lawn work. When snow came in late October, he said he was looking forward to a long season.

“We had to switch gears very swiftly from landscaping and lawn care to very quickly prepare to plow snow,” he said. “We thought it would be a record year and we’re kind of scratching our heads right now.”

Since November, Carrington said he’s had one day of snow removal work, the morning of New Year’s Eve.

Through some of these warm stretches, he said he’s been able to catch up on a few landscaping projects abandoned early due to October’s wintry conditions and the recent turn for warmer weather is just piling onto issues he’s faced all year.

“We’ve had one of the wettest summers we have ever had before followed up by one of the most unusual winters I’ve been a part of for 20 years,” he said.

Other snow removal companies have been feeling the same pinch. Kevin Milestone of Cutting Edge Lawn in Oregon said he’s had his employees focus on maintenance as they wait for a break in this mild weather.

“I feel bad for my guys that don’t have work,” he said. “It’s hard on them as it is on me.”

He said he’s hopeful this weekend’s upcoming storm will change that but past weather patterns have set him up for disappointment.

“It’s just going north or south, we’re just in the middle where it’s not snowing,” he said.

Carrington too is looking forward to Friday’s storm but he said it will take more than one snowfall to make up for this season.

“We hope it’s like last winter and things turn around and February is when you don’t want to leave your house and you just want to sit at home and watch TV,” he said. “We will be out. We will certainly be out and happy.”

There is still uncertainty about how the storm could impact southern Wisconsin. Our 27 Storm Track team will have you covered on the conditions right here on, our Facebook page and in our newscasts.


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