Sheffield’s Seafood & Grocery Store: Deer bursts through NC business glass door


OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C. (WTVD) — A Brunswick County seafood and grocery story had quite the scare after a deer burst through the glass door.

On a Friday afternoon, owner of Sheffield’s Seafood & Grocery Store, says she was working when she heard a crash, turns out it was a deer.

The animal crashed through the door and slid through the store, according to WWAY.

Sheffield said she made her way to open the back door before making her way towards the deer.

“I was just screaming, ‘It’s a deer, it’s a deer!’ And then she turned around and headed back this way, and I kind of got behind her,” Sheffield said. “We all ran around her, and she just flew out the back door, ran down the dock really fast.”

The deer fled and dove into a nearby canal.

Many witnesses told the owner that the deer was escaping hunters and their dogs. Another witness said a car had grazed the animal.

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