She Left Her Job at Fifty and Started Selling Gold


Emily Wilson is a celebrity in her region, but it hasn’t always been so. In the beginning, none believed in her and were thinking her crazy.

Emily Wilson graduated with honors from the University in 1981, where she received a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics.

During her studies, Wilson completed an internship at a brokerage company. After graduation, she began working for a private fund as a securities market analyst.

She worked there for 18 years. Thanks to this work, she has improved her skills and identified for herself the main securities that bring success.

In 2001, Wilson moved to an investment company, where she became Chief Investment Officer. She managed $3 billion in investments. About a decade later, Wilson suggested to the management the idea of buying gold futures. She had known that there was a lot of money to be made out of it. But this idea was not established well in the company where she worked. After the 2008 crisis, investors preferred to invest in index funds.

However, Wilson continued to believe in her idea. At the age of 50, she took a risk and left the company to implement her idea.

Most of Wilson’s acquaintances thought that she was crazy, since it would take a lot of money to implement her idea and the existing market was very saturated with competitors. From this, Wilson gained more and more motivation to prove that her friends were wrong.

In 2015, Wilson met Herman Richards at a gold mining conference. Richardson was engaged in the collective purchase of gold, led the company Gold Bar Sale. At that time, Richards ‘ company was only developing, but already had the qualities that Wilson had denoted for herself.

Gold Bar Sale has been actively present on the market for several years and has shown excellent results. The company was able to buy gold mining futures and sell them almost on a market price. An impressive 100% profit had been made from some deals. Moreover, the profit from some of these deals was very high. All the company’s transactions were insured against risks.

All this attracted Wilson and she decided to start working with the Gold Bar Sale. In a month, she managed to increase her capital efficiency several times and earned so much that if she had been in a previous job, it would have taken her six months and more risk to earn exactly the same amount of money. Wilson did not hesitate to tell all her clients about this, who had previously trusted her with their finances for management. Since then, the Gold Bar Sale has been the main source of income for her, in her portfolio as well as for her other investors.

Lisa Scholfield
Lisa Scholfield

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