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Rusty’s becomes first business fined under Cape Coral noise update



A popular bar chain in Southwest Florida became the first business fined after a new rule was passed in the region’s largest city, cracking down on nighttime noise levels.

Rusty’s Raw Bar & Grill was issued citation for noise at night by Cape Coral Police Department Friday, marking the first reported fine of a business due to noise under the new city code.

It’s not the first time Rusty’s in Cape has received a noise complaint, but it’s the first time it will have to pay up after being cited for noise above acceptable levels.

A question that has been raised as part of the debate over nighttime noise in Cape Cora is whether amplified sound should be allowed at all after 11 p.m.

Rusty’s said it was fined $150 and claims it wasn’t given clear answers about why the bar was issued the citation when representatives questioned police.

The popular bar in Cape Coral’s entertainment districts said it has received four noise complaints. Rusty’s said it’s asking for a compromise.

“First of all, it’s going to impact our employees; it’s going to impact their paychecks,” said. “You’re going to impact our business as a whole. We’re not asking for it to go back to the old ordinance. We never were. We understand that things change, things evolve. We are asking to be given a share of the pie.”

We reached out to CCPD for comment but have not heard back yet.

Rusty’s said it plans to bring its concerns to Cape Coral City Council’s Monday meeting.


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