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Riverside blvd also known as Iowa 12 is one of the main roads in Riverside heavy travel leaving the road in need of repairs.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Monday state transportation leaders will ask the city to approve the resurfacing of a nearly two-mile stretch of Riverside Boulevard from War Eagle Drive to Pacquette Avenue, citing safety as the reason behind the project.

Some locals disagree and fear the construction will do more harm than good.

Riverside Boulevard, also known as Iowa 12, is one of the main roads in Riverside. The heavy travel leaving the road in need of repairs.

The Iowa Department of Transportation wants to do more than just fix the potholes, the state proposing to change the four-lane roadway down to three to increase safety and improve accessibility. Some businesses believe the construction would have the opposite effect.

“I don’t think shutting the whole thing down is good for anybody,” said Justin Truhe.

The owner of JT’s Pub, located on the two-mile stretch up for reconstruction, believes the project could be a lengthy process impacting accessibility to his small business.

“As a business owner we know that we would like different options on how we can keep business open while having this necessary construction on our road,” said Truhe.

Just down the road, the owner of Billy Boy Drive-Thru, Kristi Bailey has similar concerns.

“It’s just gonna be hit after hit for us,” said Bailey.

She said her business is still recovering from a construction project that took place last summer.

“If they could at least give us a summer for recovery from closing the bridge and Military Road all last summer. We took a little bit of a hit then and so we were hoping to recover this summer and now they are closing the boulevard,” said Bailey.

While business owners agree, the road does pose potential safety hazards. They believe there are other options to consider.

“We understand that turning is always a problem when you have businesses on the right and residential of the left depending on what direction you are going but a simple repave putting it down to maybe a two-lane, one each way, while they are doing it then flipping it,” said Truhe.

Planning to bring their ideas to the table at the upcoming city council meeting, business owners are hoping to come to a resolution but still fearing the worst.

“Being here as long as we have it’s not fair that we have to lose out. Plus, I have so many people here. This is how they support their family. A lot of people rely on this place to support their family. A lot of my workers, they need this is, [it’s] their only income,” said Bailey.

This project will be up for discussion at Monday’s Sioux City Council meeting. All are welcome to attend and voice their opinions. The meeting will be held on the 5th floor of City Hall at 4 p.m.

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