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I was flying Lufthansa’s A350-900 business class from Tokyo Haneda to Munich at 12:45PM, though decided to head over to the All Nippon Airways Business Class Lounge the second it opened, so that I could get pictures before the lounge filled up.

All Nippon Airways actually has two international business class lounges at the airport, so I’ll be reviewing the one that is generally considered to be better.

All Nippon Airways Business Lounge Haneda Location

All Nippon Airways’ two international business class lounges are located near gate 110 and gate 114. The nicer lounge is located near gate 110, so that’s the one I visited.

Once near gate 110 I saw signage for the lounges on the side.

Signage for airline lounges at Haneda Airport

ANA Lounge signage Haneda Airport

I then went up the escalator.

Escalator to ANA Lounge Haneda Airport

At the top of the escalator, the door to the ANA Suite Lounge (for first class passengers) was to the right, while the door to the ANA Lounge (for business class passengers) was to the left.

ANA Suite Lounge Haneda

ANA Business Class Lounge Haneda

All Nippon Airways Business Lounge Haneda Hours

The lounge near gate 110 is open daily from 5AM until the last ANA departure. This lounge has longer hours than the lounge near gate 114, which is open daily from 6:30AM until 1:30PM, and from 8PM until 1AM.

How To Access The All Nippon Airways Lounge Haneda

The ANA Lounge is a standard Star Alliance business class lounge, so you can use the lounge if:

  • You’re traveling in business class on any Star Alliance airline, including ANA (no guests allowed)
  • You’re traveling in ANA premium economy (no guests allowed); it’s quite generous that ANA offers lounge access to premium economy passengers
  • If you’re a Star Alliance Gold member traveling on any Star Alliance airline in any cabin (one guest allowed)

Note that you can also purchase access to the lounge on a space available basis. The cost is 4,000 JPY (~37USD) if booking in advance, or 6,000 JPY (~55USD) at the airport.

One thing that surprised me was that it took the lounge agent three minutes to check me in with my Lufthansa mobile boarding pass. With the airlines belonging to the same alliance you’d think this would be as easy as just scanning the boarding pass, but she ended up doing an endless amount of typing.

It seems there are some opportunities to make that process more efficient…

ANA Business Class Lounge Haneda Review

With more and more airlines switching operations from Narita to Haneda, what is the flagship Star Alliance lounge at the airport like? Nice, but it gets insanely crowded, and I imagine that will only get worse as even more flights operate out of the airport…

ANA Business Class Lounge Layout & Seating

The ANA Lounge Haneda is huge, with an elegant design and all kinds of different zones, depending on what you’re looking to do. Just inside the entrance was a long hallway leading into the lounge (the shower rooms were along this hall as well).

Entryway to ANA Business Lounge Haneda

The lounge was mostly made up of one large rectangular room, though there were all kinds of partitions to separate the lounge into areas. Just inside the entrance were a bunch of communal tables with rows of chairs that kind of reminded me of what you might expect at a diner. While these looked cool, they weren’t particularly comfortable.

ANA Business Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Business Lounge Haneda seating

There were also some dining tables in this area.

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

Then towards the windows were seats more in line with what you’d usually find in a lounge, along with another long table facing the windows.

ANA Business Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Business Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Business Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

Deeper into the lounge were even more communal tables (noticing a trend here?).

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

Then in the very back of the lounge were a couple of rooms with rows of seats facing one another.

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

Also in the back corner of the lounge was a smoking room

ANA Lounge Haneda smoking room

At the very other end of the lounge — inside the entrance and to the right — was the dining area.

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

ANA Lounge Haneda seating

The lounge did have lovely views of the apron throughout, though the views were somewhat obstructed by the terminal’s roof.

ANA Lounge Haneda sunrise

Design wise I overall thought this was one of the nicer business class lounges out there, especially by ANA standards, as I otherwise find their decor to be a bit drab.

However, while I thought the communal tables with rows of seats looked cool, they were actually quite uncomfortable, both in terms of padding, and in some cases in terms of the amount of space between them.

Second of all, while the lounge was quiet for the first couple of hours, by 7:30AM the lounge got insanely busy, and stayed that way for hours. Like, it was so uncomfortably full that I eventually just decided to go sit in an empty gate area.

With airlines shifting even more capacity to Haneda, I’m not sure how lounges will deal with it. Haneda desperately needs more lounge capacity.

ANA Business Class Lounge Food & Drinks

The lounge’s main buffet was inside the entrance and to the right, at the very end.

ANA Lounge HND buffet

The cold breakfast selection included salad, finger sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, muffins, croissants, pastries, bread, chocolate, and sushi.

ANA Lounge HND breakfast selection

ANA Lounge HND breakfast selection

ANA Lounge food spread

ANA Lounge food spread

Hot options included chicken curry, rice, scrambled eggs, sausage, fried rice, and steamed dumplings.

ANA Lounge food spread

ANA Lounge hot food

ANA Lounge hot food

ANA Lounge hot food

Then there was a noodle bar, which is probably the highlight of dining in any ANA lounge.

ANA Lounge noodle bar

ANA Lounge noodle bar

All drinks were self serve. Non-alcoholic drinks included an espresso machine, a hot or iced coffee machine, a soda machine, and water.

ANA Lounge Tokyo drinks

ANA Lounge Tokyo drinks

ANA Lounge Tokyo drinks

Then there was a beer machine, and a pretty basic selection of self serve wine and liquor.

ANA Lounge Tokyo alcohol

There was a secondary buffet on the other end of the lounge, though It wasn’t quite as big, and didn’t have a noodle bar.

ANA Lounge Tokyo additional buffet

ANA Business Class Lounge Showers

The ANA Lounge had showers, so I decided to have a shower at around 8AM. I headed to the reception desk to inquire, and was told that there were five people ahead of me. I was given a buzzer, which alerted me within about 30 minutes that my shower was ready.

ANA Lounge shower beeper

The showers were right near the entrance.

ANA Lounge shower rooms

The shower room was excellent, and had a walk-in shower, toilet, and sink, with plentiful amenities.

ANA Lounge shower room

ANA Lounge shower room

The water pressure and temperature control were good, and the room didn’t get too hot.

ANA Business Lounge Haneda Bottom Line

In general I’ve never been very impressed by ANA’s lounges, though this is probably the nicest I’ve been to. The lounge is large and has nice decor, with a solid food selection, and good shower rooms.

However, I’d note that the lounge’s focus on communal tables with poorly padded seats doesn’t make for a particularly comfortable place to relax, and the lounge also gets incredibly busy, so be warned of that.

As Haneda continues to expand, it’s about time they find a way to increase lounge capacity.

If you’ve visited the ANA Lounge Haneda, what was your experience like?


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