Recruit children of blood-seeking politicians to do their ‘dirty job’ – Bishop advises macho men

Recruit children of blood-seeking politicians to do their 'dirty job' – Bishop advises macho men


Politics of Sunday, 8 March 2020

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare has advised “macho men” and “street boys” who may be recruited by politicians with the intent to instigate mayhem and bloodshed in the forthcoming 7 December 2020 elections, to, rather, recruit the children of such politicians to do their “dirty job” for them.

Admonishing the citizenry on Sunday, 8 March 2020 against bloodletting in the polls, as part of Perez Chapel International’s commemoration of Ghana’s 63rd independence anniversary which fell on Friday, 6 March 2020, Bishop Agyinasare told the congregation at the Perez Dome, Dzorwulu that: “This year is also an election year. As we go for the elections, may we not kill one another”.

He said: “Parties just have different opinions; that is what makes them different. But the political parties have one mother”, explaining: “True politicians desire that we would have a better lot as Ghanaians and, so, irrespective of the party – some are property-owning democracies, others are social democrats – they all have one mother”.

This year, he said, “We don’t want anybody to shed blood for anyone to rule”, declaring: “Anybody who wants to shed blood for power, may peace never prevail in their house”.

“To the street boys and the macho men; don’t allow yourselves to be used by politicians to cause mayhem in this country”, he advised, urging: “If the politicians try to get you to use you, recruit their children so that their children will also be trained to do macho work and to do the dirty job for them”.

“You don’t see the children of politicians becoming macho men and doing the dirty jobs they employ other people to do”, Bishop Agyinasare observed.

He also urged the security agencies to “make sure they are not partisan and they are fair and firm in the discharge of their duties”, saying: “Security agencies should not allow themselves to be used by politicians to cause violence and when people break the rules, they should be fair and firm so that it would not matter whose ox they gore”.

The Presiding Bishop also had a word of advice for the Electoral Commission. “To the Electoral Commission, we say that they should be a very neutral referee this year in the elections and they must listen attentively to the stakeholders so that they can bring everybody on board”.

He also urged the media to “report the truth” and urged them to “avoid sensationalism and not heighten tensions”.

“We don’t want a situation where we are not able to sleep. We should be able to sleep; elections should not be such that we can’t sleep”.

To all Ghanaians, he said: “We must get ready and on Election Day, go and vote because if you don’t vote, you don’t determine who rules. God bless our homeland Ghana and keep it strong”.

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