Rawlings hails frontline health workers


Former President Jerry John Rawlings on Thursday hailed the nation’s frontline health workers for their efforts in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I commend all health workers as well as all other frontline workers for proving equal to the task in this defining moment of ours,” he said during the 41st Anniversary of the June 4 Revolution in Accra.

The event, on the theme: “Strengthening the Spirit of Patriotism, Resilience and Integrity in Difficult Times,” was marked virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former President Rawlings said: “The health force across the country, some of whom have been infected with the virus in the line of duty, have taught us a sense of purpose, selflessness, commitment, dedication and patriotism”.

He recounted that early this year the world was struck by a pandemic whose effects eventually affected every facet of human life.

He said despite the interventions from state institutions to alleviate the plight of the under-privileged, there was still a lot to be done by all Ghanaians in their very own communities to support those groups of people.

“Unfortunately we have hurt our own people by institutionalising corruption for far too long; giving a little few the access to amass wealth at the risk of the livelihood of the ordinary citizens who are languishing in poverty and misery,” the former President said.

The morality and authority of truth is godly and divine and it should always supersede and override the truth of the authority of mortals.

He said national monuments, groups, events, institutions and important state assets were labelled after some deserving individuals to inspire and direct subsequent generations on the good path they must emulate.

Former President Rawlings said in some instances, it serves as a crucial reminder for history’s defining moments.

He said in Ghana, these actions that subtly influences Ghanaians were sometimes taken for granted.

Former President said surprisingly, some important roads in Accra had been named after undeserving personalities.


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