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Do you know that when I write a post on this blog it sometimes feels like I’m preaching? I don’t see how that is possible. Me? A preacher?? How??

I wonder if all bloggers feel that way. I guess there must be some bloggers who make a conscious decision to preach, whether you are listening to them or not. I also guess that the mere fact that one writes a blog indicates a certain inclination to preach small. Or? It’s true. In fact, I’m going to state it as a fact: all bloggers want to be heard, loudly.

So, when I write a post and publish it, do I get the same buzz as a preacher when he or she writes a sermon? I’m asking the wrong people….I mean, if you read RamiTalks, are you ever going to be a preacher?! Well, blogging is probably as close as I’m ever going to get to being preacher. What do you think, based on my previous writing? Serious question. Me, a member of the clergy? Should I dream?? Eish!

But….think about it for a minute. Each post is about a thought, my thought. Doesn’t each sermon usually have a central thought? I post once a week. Okay, most churches have multiple services each week, but the Sunday one is usually the main one. And I post on Saturday night, you know, just before Sunday. Sermons are edifying, encouraging, uplifting, and educative. And my posts are….okay let’s not go there just yet.

Aren’t sermons also surrounded by hymns? Yes! Glorious hymns, as I have mentioned many a time on this blog. And my posts….are usually surrounded by screams and sometimes crying. But I’m not sure what causes this.

Dressing? Sermons are usually delivered by formally attired priests aren’t they? Cassocks, and all the accoutrements that go with them. Are you sure you want to know how I am attired when I write a post? Let’s just say I’m quite informal, and that’s on a bad day. I need to be comfortable when I write all these words of wisdom, you know. And comfort is a very personal thing. I met her earlier this week….comfort I mean. But just so you know, I do NOT wear a mask when I am blogging, unlike my priest who seems to revel in his masked face.

As I consider my blog I am unable to come up with an equivalent for communion and prayers though. Although someone once told me that the more they read my posts, the more they prayed….for my soul. Prayers are always welcome. Whether I am considered a preacher or not. But communion, body and blood. Well, I do put my everything into my posts….which I then proceed to share with you.

Do priests get booed and heckled during the delivery of a sermon? I seriously doubt that, at least not in a decent respectable church. So why do I get ‘heckled’ by seemingly quiet people when they meet me after reading parts of a post on my blog? It’s not fair! Am I not human (debatable)? Do I not bleed (debatable)? Do I not deserve a fair hearing (debatable)?

By the by, what colour do you think my cassock should be? I’m not sure myself, but I do know that I want a black belt tied around the middle. I think that’s because a certain headmaster of mine at Achimota School used to wear a black belt around his cassock. And he made it look like a karate black belt. And he behaved like he could deliver a karate chop or kick. So I want one. So people will think that my blog posts can deliver a venomous chop….and kick.

So, when I write a post on this blog I am not surrounded by candlesticks (I like), or flowers (I like), or ushers (I like the female ushers), or a loud PA system (I don’t like)

I don’t write a post to preach oh. I write the posts on this blog because it feels so good! And it’s a very self-indulgent blog, unlike a preacher. I like talking small, only small, and it has translated into a blog. As for preaching, well, I simply don’t know enough to be able to preach to anyone. Unless it’s about Arsenal. I can produce a full service on Arsenal, anytime, any day, any where.

Well, sermons or not, blogs or not, you might occasionally hear me say, ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here….’….and one day it might not be a mistake.


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