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Rami Malek has been on our radar for quite some time now.

He started gaining serious attention in 2015 for his role in Mr Robot, but his real big break came last year when he scored a huge amount of awards (Oscar and Golden Globe included, no biggie) for his phenomenal role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Next up for the actor? Only as a villain in No Time To Die – the next James Bond chapter, which marks Daniel Craig’s final instalment in the film series.

Malek’s career is getting bigger each year, and his natural flair for acting is half the reason we love him.

The other half? His style – a blend of all things Celine, Saint Laurent and Dior (shoutout to that red suit he wore to the Met Gala last year).

In a nutshell, it’s sharp and very rock star inspired, though that’s not entirely surprising given his spot-on performance as Freddie Mercury.

He’s since embarked on a relationship with costar Lucy Boynton and through a plethora of sharp suits, metallic gowns and a cool attitude, the pair are setting the bar high when it comes to couple dressing.

So today, in celebration of Malek’s 39th birthday, we’ve sourced some lessons to take from our couple of the moment.

Wardrobe upgrade to follow.

Structure matters

When: 9 February 2020

Why it works: There’s one thing Malek and Boynton prioritise when dressing for a formal event: structure.

For Boynton, it’s emphasised in her dresses: most of the time floor length and featuring a billowing skirt to draw a nice circle of elegance round the end of her attire.

As for Malek? It’s all in the tailoring which, for the Oscars back in February, was all black, double breasted and finished with the sharpest lapels known to man. Big yes.

Don’t be scared of print

When: 28 August 2019

Why it works: Bold print isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but this pair are safely conducting a masterclass in how to do it.

Case in point: this outing in London last summer.

Sure, Malek and Boynton’s outfit options technically clash (polka dots next to floral), but the key to making print work is through a consideration of colour scheme.

These two shared shades of red and purple blend really well together and add up to a solid combination for spring.

Don’t be scared of prints

When: 26 September 2019

Why it works: Though Boynton and Malek often dress in block colours, they’re not scared of embracing great prints from time to time. Enter The Politician premiere, at which the pair arrived in squares and stripes.

Top points to Boynton for her printed pastel gown, but as for Malek? Top points and a major style lesson for us here: a striped button-down shirt, tailored trousers, chunky leather shoes and Prada tie all add up to serious janitor chic. And that’s definitely a mood we want to embrace this season.

You need some satin in there

When: 1 September 2019

Why it works: Malek and Boynton have really nailed elegant style. The key to it is simplicity, whether that be through colour scheme (black and ivory, we’ll say no more), silhouette (slim is best) or texture.

Attending a Miu Miu dinner during the Venice Film Festival last year, their statement material of choice was satin – shown through the super puffy, super sophisticated sleeves on Boynton’s gown and through the trouser waistband and lapels of Malek’s suit. Refined done right.

Keep the tailoring interesting

When: 6 March 2018

Why it works: Miuccia Prada’s brand is acclaimed for its sharp yet sensual approach to dressing.

For the AW18 show in Paris, Malek and Boynton embraced those notes with force.

Hat’s off to Malek especially here, who proves that a pastel-pink suit is a solid sartorial choice, especially when it stands next to a woman who’s mastered modern Victoriana through a simple lace dress.

We’ll dub this couple look “Gothic romanticism” and we’ll advise you to re-create it as soon as possible.

Saint Laurent is a solid touchpoint

When: 4 January 2020

Why it works: Given Malek and Boynton’s leading roles in Bohe man Rhapsody, it’s no surprise that cool rock star style has spilled over into their off-screen wardrobes.

And who better than Saint Laurent to provide them with that? At the brand’s pre-Golden Globes party, both opted for sharp blazers (peak lapels, of course).

And while Boynton’s shimmering finish spoke for itself, Malek’s styling of a cropped tie and Peter Pan-collared shirt brought a nice bit of nonchalance to a formal outfit.

Just how the good musicians do it.

Go to town on textures

When: 10 February 2019

Why it works: Malek and Boyle aren’t afraid to sit among cinematic, or cosmic, stars.

For the recent Bafta Gala Dinner, they embraced heavenly hues and, as a result, looked nothing other than angelic.

If Rami were here, he’d tell you to embrace a Freddie type of confidence and wear a white suit. Clearly, it’s doing him wonders – though it helps that Boynton’s pastel pleated gown is the perfect companion.

It doesn’t hurt that they also have the perfect accessory to bring it all together: a Bafta award.

Black and silver is a stellar mix

When: 5 January 2020

Why it works: Malek and Boynton arrived at the 77th Golden Globe Awards in an excellent colour combination: black and silver.

Clearly, they stuck to the black-tie code, but brought a fresh take on it through unconventional textures.

Boynton’s lamé Louis Vuitton dress was made for a star-studded event and as for Malek’s single-breasted suit? Velvet – a brilliantly sophisticated choice – topped with a silver pin and matched with a skinny tie.

In short, this is how you do formal dressing in winter.

Stick to earthy tones for spring

When: 1 September 2019

Why it works: While most people use the brighter seasons as an excuse to go to town on florals, Boynton and Malek prefer to keep things simple.

Case in point: their arrival in Cannes last year.

Boynton stepped out in a super-elegant white dress (note the metallic shoes and handbag, we’re seeing a running thread here), while Malek showed us why tailored trousers and a Cuban-collared shirt always work.

Stick to earthy tones – especially khaki – and top off the look with a pair of jet-black shades.

Head to toe black. Period

When: 30 January 2018

Why it works: When in doubt wear black.

Malek and Boynton arrived to Alexa Chung’s party last year embracing one simple colour but styling it across an array of materials.

How to emulate it? Hit the velvet, wool and patent-leather notes all at once.

Plus, rather than going full-on PDA, you can nod to your affection through a little fashion feature, such as the heart detail sitting on Malek’s collared jacket.

Casual wear starts with a cropped jacket

When: 8 January 2019

Why it works: Who said casual couple dressing can’t be cool? Definitely not Malek or Boynton.

The pair strolled through LA in head-to-toe monochrome, bringing chic to the street.

It’s all about combining staples – collared cardigan shirts, slim black jeans and simple sneakers – and it’s Malek’s addition of a bomber jacket that clinches them the role of stylish cinematic couple.

Embrace a similar palette of black and white for a modern nod to old-school Hollywood cinema.

Play with polka dot

When: 18 November 2018

Why it works: While a Spanish-themed approach to couple dressing has never naturally sprung to our minds, Malek and Boynton proved that flamenco isn’t just strictly ballroom.

Top print tip: it doesn’t hurt if you both indulge in a pattern (men, a polka shirt; women, a polka skirt).

Old Hollywood glamour always works

When: 6 January 2019

Why it works: How to dress for the Golden Globes? With golden clothes. Malek and Boynton have embraced some classic red-carpet rules here – a glitzy gown for the girl, a sharp suit and silk bow tie for the guy.

Boynton’s billowing sleeves nod to the Seventies backdrop of their acclaimed film, while Malek’s silk bow tie finishes their formal looks with a flamboyant force.

Top tip for a big event: go even bigger with your couple dressing.

Keep it sharp for a formal occasion

When: 9 February 2019

Why it works: How to win at couple dressing? Mix and match in timeless outfits that can be worn in the past, present or future.

Malek and Boynton both rock formal jackets and have added a contemporary couple touch through Boynton’s feminised bow tie.

The inspiration to take? Like Freddie Mercury, embrace real life and fantasy at once through your fashion. It’s bound to earn you some applause (though perhaps not an Oscar).


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