Quick Tutorial for Stripe Atlas Application

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What is Stripe Atlas?

Stripe Atlas is a product by Stripe that lets US or non-US resident to form and register a US-based business in Delaware. They accept most type of startup like SuccessValley to apply except dropshipping-based businesses as they deemed that business to be at high-risk.

So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to register your business in the US then you are at the right place. In this quick tutorial, you will learn to navigate through their application process, all the way to claiming their free perks, such as:

1. 5,000 USD Amazon AWS Credits 2. 10,000 USD DigitalOcean Credits

3. Online banking with their bank partners with 100% approval rate, such as Mercury, Silicon Valley Bank.

But, don’t we need to pay for their service?

Yes, there’s a one-time $500 fee for their service, and along with other fees, if you really care. Though, you only need to pay this fee only and only after your EIN is issued by the IRS.

And since there’s a huge backlog within the IRS due to Covid-19 pandemic, they may not charge that fee for quite a while, it can be months or next year, and that’s how to take advantage of the situation.

You see, in normal cases, your EIN can be issued by the IRS within less than a week, this way you will be forced to pay their $500 fee even before either AWS or DigitalOcean gets to check your credits application.

Now, with this backlog issue, you can get your AWS and DigitalOcean credits before they get to charge you with any fee, and even better yet. You can even now open a business bank account without needing to pay them, and it’s pretty simple.

What do I need to prepare?

1. Linkedin Profile (if you want anonymity, just use someone else’s profile)

2. Gmail account with matched Linkedin Profile

3. Business name

4. Business plan (minimum 250 words) in tech or big data industry

5. Business portfolio (optional), can use a free website such as Google My Business or Weebly

6. Local VCC with at least $5 balance in it

What are the steps?

A. Stripe Atlas

1. After all preparation is made, head to the stripe atlas landing page at

2. Click on Start your company

3. Enter your email, full name, and password (remember to use your LinkedIn profile)

4. In Company type, choose C Corporation, don’t choose LLC, even if you’re US resident.

5. In the next step, select no, and for Company Name you can enter the prepared company name, make sure that your company name does not exist yet so that the process can go faster, add your company portfolio website if you have it.

6. In the Product description, you can enter your business plan, make it as clear as possible why that you may need stripe atlas, in company address, try to use Google Maps and find a business nearby your local area and enter their address here, with a little misspell would do. Never use a fake address generator for this.

7. In a number of shares, do not change anything, in founders you can add yourself or your LinkedIn profile

8. Fill everything and you can use a fake address generator for your personal address, or just find an address nearby the business you selected earlier

9. In company roles, leave everything as it is.

10. In the section, make sure to tick all of them

11. Finally, enter your VCC and click submit

12. Wait for their email response

B. Application process

This process can go to ways:

1. They can approve you right away; in this case just wait for their next email

2. They may ask for more information, additional they may ask for your LinkedIn profile, in this case just send them the LinkedIn profile URL we prepared earlier.

3. Once approved they will send you an e-signature link to virtually sign your documents pertaining to your business application

4. Sign them all and wait for 1-2 days and your company will be formed.

5. Get to your Stripe Atlas dashboard and download all the documents about your new business

6. On the same day, there should be this email that tells you how to apply for AWS and Digitalocean credits, you can now continue with their credits application

7. Each of them will ask similar questions, basically, they just have to determine whether your business needs them, it’s quite a lengthy survey; make sure that on each questionnaire that you answer the option that benefits you. Once done, you will get an email about your application.

And, finally…

Enjoy your credits, you will have about 2 years in the expiration date, and the option to increase your credits when you use up about 80% of your credits, it’s very useful in the long run.

Lisa Scholfield
Lisa Scholfield

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