Pucker Up, Chanel Has a New Lipscanner App

Pucker Up, Chanel Has a New Lipscanner App

Sick of never finding that perfect shade of lipstick? The artisans at Chanel Beauty have come up with a game-changing solution to our problem-pouts. Using AR technology, Lipscanner is the game-changing, cosmetic app developed 100 per cent in-house to help you find that lipstick you’ve spent your whole life looking for. All you need to do is, “Love it. Scan it. Find your perfect lipstick!”

According to the French fashion house, upon scanning any colour you’d like – whether you find it on someone’s face, on inside pages of 10 Magazine, or in that party-dress you’ve been saving for your post-pandemic debut – Lipscanner will suggest the Chanel lipstick closest in shade. Just imagine the kaleidoscope of colour choices awaiting you. What’s really special is the app’s ‘Virtual Try-On Feature’. There, you can test out the suggested makeup product for compatibility. Algorithms analyse your selected shade to the nearest pixel, while navigating the entire Chanel cosmetic range for the shade in multiple finishes, all whilst Artificial Intelligence explores the different colours and textures available – making for a seamless and swift experience.

Pucker up, become inspired, and get ready to explore the wonderful world of chic Chanel pigments. Matte finish, satiny shine, dazzling colours, whatever you desire: Lipscanner is the heaven-sent virtual fairy godmother for those of us in need of a little bibbity-bobbity-best-lipstick-ever.

You can find out more information on the app here.

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