Project Management of a Construction Project with PRINCE2

project management

We know that project management is an essential part of any engineering or construction work. It is the lifeline of ensuring the smooth running and achievement of a project. As on a PRINCE2 belfast training qualification.

We also know that, for a project to be completed successfully, it has got to be of high quality. A cheap and sloppy job will always lead to bad results.

This article deals with the subject of effective project management of construction or engineering work.

If your question is “How do I manage my project?” First, be sure that you know what your goal is. Is it to get a design, a quantity survey, or to have a computer implement a design?

Project management is different from that of those day-to-day stuff. Project management in big organizations usually requires meetings, workshops, color pictures, and intra graphs. And you even have to be particularly good at troubleshooting!

But project management and the proper methods can be conducted on a smaller scale. In my own particular take on project management, I had to do all the above. The important thing to understand for a beginner project manager is that whenever your team is spending six months preparing diagrams, documents, and hand-drawn chances are the design is complete and you are even thinking of the diagram you’re putting together. No more.

Get it clear

In more than one installation there is a large company that makes decorative fountains at each planning site or at your building. In the middle of each day and night, the employees go to work sweeping across the grass or cutting the bushes with giant dumbmires. You’ve seen these fountains. The artwork technicians come a long way to help the added decor to the project. They have the proper training to take on this task and the skills to do it. You’ve probably heard of it before – well it’s not dissimilar. You must understand that each potential client will have his/her own financial requirements and ask yourself “Do I have the time and budget to complete these duties. If not, lookout. I’d want to get such a great price that I can just have my design or a space plan done”

Know what you are doing

Another thing to look out for is making sure that you are doing your best. I’ve seen many good workforces hurried to finish their work and leave it to the last minute. Taking a lot of time reworking is usually a bad idea. You’ve seen it before. You were walking back to the parking lot at a construction site and you CONSTRUCTED all the landscaping and landscaping was the last thing you were thinking about. You were not even referring to the work anymore. The time you spent reworking this particular task needs to have been spent on something else. If you really want your client to consider your earlier work completed then make sure that this must be done. You are the only one supplying the work, so you are accountable for its completion. You’ve got to be doubly diligent in the time you spend because it means that nothing can go ahead and there is a series of expectations that must be met and on the clock.

Get the right tools

Now most professionals are too quick to say that a piece of hard plastic will do. It won’t and you can be sure the contractor is scattered in all management of that particular facility. You’ll get in your elevator pitch – Let me be called – and the steer clear. But the phot tether will only work if you have exhausted all other means of communication. Once you find a replacement, do not do it once and limit the amount of time you speak to the individual. Once the phot tether is approved you must send a quality assistant to the transmission site to sort and complete legal and electrical documentation. With the photo getter ready you are ready to go to know what you are getting up for and who does the work. We’ve all seen other people do a piece as you come scrambling away and it is all smoke and mirrors- which is where you are ending up.

Every project manager should follow these three basic procedures for projects. They are no more complicated than simple common sense. And it is simple.

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

Amenorhu kwaku is an author, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of SuccessValley, a network community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs