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At one time, project management was a function and practice held exclusively within the executive suite. Today, the parameters of project careers have become mired down to the ‘smaller’ technical role of project management.

Today, every professional in every industry faces the same dilemma, “how do I effectively engage the many stakeholders in project management to deliver the project on time and within the budget?” The answer lies in the proper definition of the project. While there are no universally agreed-upon definitions of this complex and pretty difficult issue, there is an answer for the project professional that can lead to career advancement and marketability.

For project professionals, the first key step in advancing performance is the delivery of a succinct career development document. This document is each individual’s career management document, a document that can align the projects being performed and the people that they work with easily, effectively, and efficiently. Further, this career development document should be made readily available to all stakeholders who may need to know what is expected for a project in progress at your hospital or clinic. Here is an example of what a well-constructed project management career development document can do. As on a prince2 Course London qualification.

Project Management has a fundamental place in the healthcare industry. For years, hospitals and healthcare providers have required all project professionals to carry project management responsibilities with them and readily to them in their employer’s folders. While many technical and ‘hard-working’ persons feel threatened or threatened by this requirement, by no means do we want to discourage these individuals.

What we want is to provide every professional in the healthcare business with whatever tools necessary to ensure that they are perceived as capable and competent in project management. By doing this, we are each enabling the future ease of autocratic decision making at the bottom of the organization versus providing our respective colleagues with the tools necessary to expedite decision making based on the needs of the ‘best’.

Of the many administrative workers in the healthcare industry, we not only need some additional competence in project management or at least one that hospital it, but we need to understand how the games of the courier gameplay out. Indeed, among such folks, we need to be well-versed in the so-called problem-solving method, which we advocate be called PDMS (Problem Distraction Management System).

Here is the PDMS, or what some call ‘the linked critical path detection system’. This is of paramount importance because of its use in the U.S. Department of Defense, Internal Revenue (as part of shutdown procedures) and lots of other industries in which morale and customer service as assessed will continuously be a critical component.

We can become great problem solvers and problem sideways thinkers but without the tools to support this, we will become less and less productive at performing our jobs. To build that missing link we need to know when clearly identifying the problem is a valuable problem-solving method and when looking at developing maneuver is a more enterprising solution, one that is probably accompanied by the removal of tasks and the matrixing of tasks.

Hospital and clinic administrators must constantly understand how they are doing the work of ‘project management’. Your career development strategy needs to be centered around the implementation of learning materials and competency-based competencies to fully identify the skills necessary to be a ‘project management’ professional and then use them to build your own project management career. Even Projects themselves have social Arthurian reduced as the basis of projects through the use of mental shortcuts and organizational diagnostics. So, here it is… on average, projects are about odds… goals, skills, time, creativity and risk.

If you are a strong problem solver, a valued operator and possess strong ( dimensional) team skills, a project is an absolute requirement for your career. This is one more thing that we needed to sit down and get a handle on. So, when we are writing individual career development plans, including our project management development plans, we should completely analyze how that very important project is where we are now, where we wish to be going and the specific steps needed to get us there. Why, because we only have so long, as often noted, the proverbial ‘life of the project’.

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