People misunderstood Arteta ‘push’ – Partey clarifies infamous incident


Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey believes there was a misunderstanding of the incident between himself and manager Mikel Arteta last season.

Partey was struggling with a knock during the North London derby against Arsenal, when he walked onto the sideline as play was progressing.

Arteta then seemed to try and push Partey back onto the field, despite the midfielder visibly struggling to run or even jog.

Asked about the incident, Partey told TV3 in Ghana: “Well I think people misunderstood that situation.

“I remember when I first took the ball from one of the Spurs players and then I felt my calf, and then I was walking straight to the bench. And then I didn’t know what happened, I saw them attacking us.

“Arteta did not push me. I tried to run back to try and save the situation but I could not because it was very painful. And then the media took it and everything went viral.”

Patrick Callahan
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