North Dakota working toward re-opening businesses


FARGO, N.D. – (Valley News Live) Hair Success is one of the many businesses that has been closed for nearly a month. Finally, they are planning for a soft open on May 1st and they say they’re taking all the necessary steps to make sure it’s safe for everyone.

“I hope people will feel comfortable because we’re taking the precautions to make sure we’re sanitized,” said Jodi Brown, co-owner of Hair Success. “(Our technicians) will be wearing shields and we’ll have protective gear for our guests.”

According to Governor Doug Burgum, the tentative plan to lift non-essential business restrictions in the state is May 1st. However, there is no promise that date won’t be pushed back.

“We’re going to be driven by data not by the calendar because the virus has no awareness of the calendar that we use,” Governor Doug Burgum said.

The decision to push back the opening day has been met with opposition, not only by some business owners but by several North Dakota representatives who say that for small business owners every day closed can prove to be detrimental.

“North Dakota as a state, we’re in a position where we can reopen and we can get our economy moving and try to minimize the economic damage that will come as a fallout from this situation,” said Rep. Tom Kading, R-District 45.

Rep. Kading along with 12 other lawmakers sent Governor Burgum this letter on Tuesday saying that hospitals are not being overwhelmed and it’s time to let businesses open up.

“You need to look at some of the other factors, like getting the economy running again and making sure so many small businesses out there aren’t losing their jobs,” Rep. Kading said.

For Brown, she says she respects the governor’s decision and will take it one day at a time.

“We have to trust his judgment,” Brown said. “He’s trying to do the best North Dakota.”

Governor Burgum did not respond publicly to the letter. In his step by step re-opening plan, he outlines needing to have widespread rapid testing, have more than enough personal protective equipment, and also new standard operating procedures for businesses.


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