No, it isn’t unusual that Kamala Harris is still in the Senate.


Numerous conspiratorial Twitter posts in the past week have suggested that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has yet to step down from her Senate seat because “she knows” something’s amiss about the election results.

Just five of these tweets — including ones from the conservative author Dinesh D’Souza and the conservative activist Ryan Fournier — have amassed over 41,000 shares and over 172,000 likes.

Some have compared Ms. Harris’s continuing tenure with former President Barack Obama’s resignation from his Senate seat in mid-November 2008. But there’s nothing unusual about Ms. Harris’s staying in her position a month after the election. In fact, Mr. Obama’s resignation was the earliest for any president-elect or vice president-elect who held public office of the past 50 years.

Mr. Obama’s own vice president, current President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., did not step down from his Senate seat until five days before the inauguration in January 2009 — “not because he doubted the outcome of the election” but because he wanted to reach a certain milestone, said Heath Brown, a public policy professor at John Jay College who researches presidential transitions.


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