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NNY students on president’s list at SUNY Canton

The following students from Northern New York were named to the president’s list for the fall semester at SUNY Canton.


Molly K. Denny, applied psychology

Kayla L. Tripp, health care management

Alexandria Bay

Chet S. Sourwine, mechanical engineering technology

Brasher Falls

Delaney Dow, applied psychology

Benjamin R. Horner, criminal justice

Matthew S. Svarczkopf, homeland security


Matthew A. Riggs, legal studies


Christina M. Adams, graphic and multimedia design

Robert Beaudin, homeland security

Jonah R. Black, criminal investigation

Emma M. Bortnick, nursing

Wesley Bortnick, mechanical engineering technology

Kelly E. Cougler, criminal investigation

Emma Duffany, nursing

Kristine A. Furgison, legal studies

Johanna L. Velasquez Garcia, applied psychology

Mackenzie E. Harris, early childhood care and management

Justin LaSalle, sports management

Alexa Luther, criminal justice

Michael Perrault, finance

Emily Rexford, applied psychology

Abigail E. Savage, veterinary technology

Sarah G. Shipman, nursing

Madison P. Skopeck, veterinary technology

Taylor K. VanBrocklin, criminal investigation

Peter A. Xanthaky, electrical engineering technology


Aubrey N. Kidder, veterinary technology

Chelsea Major, veterinary technology

Chase Mills

Patrick J. Dubuque, agribusiness management

Gabrielle Durant, nursing


Andrea Bonno, nursing

Hailey M. Collins, graphic and multimedia design

Brett M. St. Germain, criminal justice: law enforcement leadership

Kendra Gilbert, health and fitness promotion

Rebecca M. MacDougall, physical therapist assistant


Taylor E. Ridsdale, nursing


Collin Trathen, mechatronics technology


Joshua L. Lashua, funeral services administration


Forest B. Hathaway, civil and environmental engineering technology


Tyler Bowman, criminal investigation

Erica Briggs, finance

Cortney L. Brunet, health care management

Conagher Buckmaster, engineering science 2+2

Emily L. Farrell, applied psychology

Sarah K. Fitzgerald, criminal justice: law enforcement leadership

Lauren Frank, health care management

Wendy Hadfield, applied psychology

Jennifer L. Hay, applied psychology

Bailey Looker, liberal arts-general studies

Joseph Love, construction technology: management

Emily R. McGregor, individual studies

Maddison McIntosh, information technology

Quincie Parker, applied psychology

Ty Reed, criminal justice

Alexis K. Sheen, nursing

Victoria Wade, early childhood

Daniel S. Whitton, mechatronics technology


Alyssa R. Fisher, game design and development

Tracy A. Hefferon, individual studies

Savannah Rathbun, individual studies

Hannawa Falls

Evelyn Brooks, health care management

Cole Murray, construction technology: management


Ethan Fowler, sustainable energy technology

Roderick Parow, civil and environmental engineering technology

Anna E. Teal, nursing


Thomas G. Contino, graphic and multimedia design


Kiana A. Coffey, individual studies

Stacie G. Hale, applied psychology

Kate Rowe, health care management


Tanner Lapiene, nursing

Thomas M. Schofell, industrial technology management

Amber L. Williams, health care management


Lorraine C. Beard, nursing

Kenneth Timerman, mechanical engineering technology


Nathan A. Cota, HVAC trades

Sierra Erwin, veterinary technology

Jillian R. O’Brien, nursing

Donica M. Robinson, early childhood care and management

Carson Smith, construction technology: management

Lauren P. Truesdell, liberal arts-general studies


Kyle R. Brown, physical therapist assistant

Teresa A. Burnor, criminal justice

Hannah M. Grant, information technology


Carly Amo, criminal investigation

Sydnee Carroll, health and fitness promotion

Danielle A. Eggleston, nursing

Luis F. Estevez-Breton, information technology

Mia D. Jermano, nursing

Susan L. Joslin, legal studies

Sara J. LaDuke, health care management

Francesca Lamina, physical therapist assistant

Ayanna D. Mason, nursing

Devin Page, homeland security

Sydney G. Shadle, early childhood

Abigail R. Shearer, finance

Diane M. Shearer, finance

William R. Shearer, legal studies

Kala L. Shope, health care management

Mackenzie K. Smith, undeclared

Kiara E. White, applied psychology

Emily Witkop, nursing


Logan M. Green, legal studies


Ellen L. Deshaw, nursing


Kari R. Frego, practical nursing

North Lawrence

Elizabeth A. Arquette, health care management

Jason H. Crump, electrical construction and maintenance

Alexander E. French, game design and development


Michael Lashomb, sports management

Brittany Monica, health care management

William E. Sultzer, information technology

Chora Young, management


Shannon M. Abar, health care management

Holly M. Aschenbrenner, nursing

Ethan S. Bonewell, nursing

Chloe Combs, legal studies

Andee Farrand, early childhood

Jocelyn Fifield, health care management

Allen Fisher, nursing

Rheanne M. Fortune, legal studies

James A. Gibson, criminal investigation

Tristan D. Gilmour, sustainable energy technology

Breanna M. Hacia, physical therapist assistant

ElizaJane I. Hamilton, nursing

Nicole Holmes, applied psychology

Kerstin M. Massia, health care management

Ruthanne M. Middlemiss, nursing

Jordan R. Miller, health and fitness promotion

Megan L. Mills, health care management

Shane Moyer, industrial technology management

Cole Piercey, HVAC engineering technology

Nathan Rishe, mechatronics technology

Libby Ritchie, nursing

Danielle N. St. Denis, nursing

Joseph M. Schirmer, liberal arts-general studies

Jordan J. Snyder, criminal investigation

Jon R. Tayler, nursing

Ryan F. Vollmer, mechanical engineering technology

Heather L. Worden, health care management


Emily Janke, individual studies

Eric J. Leroux, homeland security


Sonny McPherson, electrical engineering technology

Pierrepont Manor

Ariana I. Viera, management


Shelbie E. Baldwin, accounting

Emma-Lee Frary, nursing

Susannah L. Freeman, accounting

John J. Frick, game design and development

Kiona S. Loran, nursing

Rian P. McFadden, criminal justice

Katelyn M. McKinley, nursing

John D. Meyers, criminal justice

Michael P. Remington, electrical engineering technology

Brittany Taylor, homeland security


Kyle S. Chen, game design and development


Logan Coggins, technological communications

Jessica Davis, criminal investigation

Taylor M. Hutton, nursing

Rensselaer Falls

Jeffrey Dollinger, finance

Darcel Downing, graphic and multimedia design

Cayden Emerson, engineering science 2+2

Sydney R. Thornhill, physical therapist assistant


Paige Whitton, sports management


Tyler C. Whitmarsh, criminal justice


Chelsea M. Broughton, legal studies

Charles R. Clark III, liberal arts-general studies


Logan M. Bush, health and fitness promotion

Joel Carbone, cybersecurity

Breanna D. Cullers, criminal justice: law enforcement leadership

Daniel Heverns, cybersecurity

Nathan R. Lafary, game design and development

Jonathan Monnat, mechanical engineering technology

Jesica Stroud, nursing

Melissa G. Thomas, nursing

Taylor P. Typhair, criminal investigation

West Stockholm

Dylan T. Bradley, information technology


Joshua F. D’Souza, computer information systems

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