Nigeria’s version of ‘Year of Return’ ignites ‘fire’ on twitter


General News of Saturday, 4 January 2020


The photo circulating around with Nigeria's 'Door of Return' agenda The photo circulating around with Nigeria’s ‘Door of Return’ agenda

A year where diasporans can return to their roots, learn about their history and enjoy the rich culture of their homeland; this was the idea behind Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ programme introduced by government in 2019.

The programme saw several African persons including stars in the States returning to Ghana.

Barely four days into 2020 and a picture already circulating on social media suggests Nigeria has got their own plans for diasporans to return to their country.

“Door of Return” as it has been themed, has raised a debate on the social media platform where many Ghanaians, on the lighter side though, are suggesting that Nigerians are copying from Ghana and, or are doing a very poor job at it.

“Thanks to Nigerians for finally coming out to accept Ghana as the Gateway to Africa. Now we move!”, a tweep said.

“Ghana creates #YearOfReturn Nigeria creates #DoorOfReturn Kantaka from Ghana creates Aerocar Nigeria creates AeroOkada. At least if you’re going to copy us copy us well er,” another said.

Read some of the tweets below

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