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New Natural Plant Based Formula to Fight Covid-19


Australian UPCare Group have developed a natural plant-based formula to fight Covid 19. April 2021 Leading scientists from the UPcare Group met with the White House Covid Task Force recently to discuss the positive results in an Anti Sars-COV2 screening program conducted under contract by the Doherty Institute and other supporting data for three of UPcare’s compounds, with a view to UPcare’s products being used in hospitals & medical centres across the US to treat Covid 19.

The UPcare Group have successfully identified that one of their natural compounds, UP-A can successfully inhibit SARS-COV2 infection in Vero cells. A preliminary screen conducted under contract by the Doherty Institute, showed low micromolar inhibition of SARS-CoV2 by UP-A and similar levels of inhibition when combined with UPcare’s other compounds UP-U and UP-P.

These results and potential synergistic effects are to be confirmed and explored further. The 3 natural compounds namely UP-A, UP-U, and UP-P are botanical extracts that have been used in medicinal formulations for centuries. They are derived from loquat, knotweed and chiretta.

The extracts used in each compound contain no hormones or residues. All of the critical ingredients have undergone long-term studies and have passed assessments for subchronic and developmental toxicity, with no adverse reaction or side effects reported in humans.

UPCARE UPplus KBD Spray: Respiratory Health, Immune Defence & Throat Comfort

Two of the natural compounds U and P are present in UPcare Groups product UPlus KBD Spray which is currently being sold over the counter and online as a TGA and FDA approved respiratory health and immune-boosting product. The UPcare Group which is currently privately funded are now in the process of raising a further 50 million AUD to carry out the human trials required to prove their TGA approved products UPlus A Spray and UPlus A Capsules containing all 3 compounds can also eliminate SARS-COV2 in infected individuals.

Manufacturing for the A Spray and A Capsules will begin in early 2021. If the UPcare Group’s human trials are successful it will be approved as a natural formulation available on the global market in the fight against SARS-COV2.

About the UPcare Group

The UPcare Group is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a leader in the discovery of antiviral therapies combating respiratory infections. It was founded by a group of leading scientists and researchers to address the growing concerns and proliferation of viruses and other transmitted illnesses through human respiratory functions. You can buy UPcare product online at eBay using this link:

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