NDC demands retraction from Secretary-General of Catholic bishops


Politics of Friday, 14 February 2020

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A cross-section of the minority in Parliament A cross-section of the minority in Parliament

Minority Catholic Caucus demands retraction and clarification from Secretary-General of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference over his comments on peace council roadmap for ending vigilantism

The minority members of Parliament who belong to the Catholic faith are demanding a retraction and clarification from the General Secretary of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference over claims the party will campaign again the NDC.

Rev Father Lazarus Anondee is reported to have threatened the church will campaign against the NDC for failing to sign the Peace Council roadmap to ending political party vigilantism.

The NDC MPs during a meeting with the bishops in parliament, however, argued the comments have put the church in a bad light.

Speaking to Starr News MP for Lambusie and a member of the Caucus Edward Dery disclosed the General Secretary must distance the church from his statement.

“It should not be made to look as the bishops are against NDC. We insisted that he must find a very appropriate way of showing the people that the position he took was the position of the bishops. It should be looked as secretary-general who made a comment. If it demands that he retract that comment he should do that”.

The NDC says it refused to sign the Peace council’s document on vigilantism because other key stakeholders have not yet signed.

According to the party, signing the document will be premature since most of the agencies assigned greater responsibilities have not been made to sign.

“We looked at the roadmap and we realised that document assigns responsibilities to various agencies and the fact those agencies were not part of the signing to the treaty, we thought it was not good enough. Such a national document should not be signed by only two political parties. We think signing the document now will be premature but in principle, we agree with the content.

“Out of the 22 recommendations only 4 mentions the political parties so we think they should take lead in signing the document,” a member of the party Abraham Amaliba told Starr News.


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