Music Options That Are Just as Good as Spotify in 2021


Today the media streaming platform, Spotify is quite popular among young adults. This is the primary reason that the app earns billions of dollars in annual revenue! For tracks that they don’t know the name of, they can head over to Spotify and find its name out! Since it requires an internet connection, ISPs advertise amazing COX internet deals to attract and cash in on the vast user base of this platform.

If you’re one of those avid users but are no longer using Spotify and looking for alternatives, read on.

Apple Music

A dedicated app for Apple users, many people use it across many different nations worldwide. It serves as an excellent alternative to Spotify. The streaming is immaculate and bug-free. With that said, the app has more than 50 million subscribers. Just login into Apple Music and you can hear more than 50 million soundtracks. Additionally, users can also synchronize their iTunes library here. Conveniently, they can upload their own music and add it so that others can stream it and listen to it as well!

There are different offerings for the app. You can opt for the free version. However, the paid subscription comes with more benefits. Find out what you’re looking for when selecting a subscription package.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is coming preinstalled on many latest Android phones. You don’t even need to think if it’s good enough or not. It’s a no-brainer really! The app is an excellent alternative to Spotify and you can use it to play millions of soundtracks. Available in a plethora of countries, you can use it to join the fan base that is even greater than the one that Spotify has.

Perhaps, the only downside is that you will receive ads frequently. One more thing that really bugs me is the inability to turn the screen off when you’re listening to something. We see this problem on YouTube as well. What is the disadvantage? Battery drainage becomes a real problem. Especially when you’re battery is low and you’re traveling, you can’t take the risk of using this app! However, if you’re willing to pay $9.99 a month, then you can get the facility of not having to watch ads. Furthermore, you can also keep the screen off while listening to your favorite track!

Google Play Music

This app is quite popular among Android users. For fans of the Android OS, like me, this app comes preinstalled on phones. You don’t have to download it separately! Use this app to get access to millions of tracks in different languages. You can play soundtracks stored in your SD card or internal storage as well! The app has the ability to understand what your preferences are and recommend tracks on their basis. Moreover, you can enjoy the app for very economical pricing.

Amazon Music

Very useful for streaming music, the app boasts a user-friendly interface. Another quality offering from Amazon, rest assured that you can find any track you’re looking for over here. Furthermore, you get the option of playing songs while you’re offline! This means data savings as well as the ability to listen to your favorite track without connecting to the internet.


Pandora is quite popular due to its unique offerings. Here, you will get to experience a radio-like environment. Basically, the app has an intelligent algorithm and you can utilize it to get recommendations of the types of tracks that you like. Pandora has been in business since 2002 and has a loyal fan base of millions. A pioneer of the music industry, you can subscribe to Pandora for $9.99 per month.

You may have your reasons for saying goodbye to Spotify and heading over to another app! And that’s okay, but if you are facing any issues then it is always good to contact customer support. Sometimes, it’s just a small update that can solve the problem you’re encountering!