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mPharma launches free COVID-19 testing programme for marginalized groups


Health technology company, mPharma has announced a free COVID-19 antigen testing programme dubbed “Test to Save”.

The campaign will offer 10,000 free tests to some frontline workers and marginalized groups in Ghana.

The target groups are healthcare workers, education sector workers, the aged and persons living with disabilities.

The testing programme will be carried out through the company’s network of Mutti community pharmacies across the country.

The tests will be administered by certified healthcare professionals through the company’s Mutti Doctor Program for beneficiaries who are experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms, and the results from the test will be shared within 30 minutes.

As of 15th February 2022, Ghana had reported 158,038 COVID-19 cases with 1,431 confirmed deaths.

While the country is currently not experiencing a peak in cases, there are still daily confirmations of cases at various healthcare facilities.

“Professionals in the healthcare and education space remain highly exposed to the virus due to the nature of their jobs and the number of people they come into contact with daily. In addition, persons with disabilities and the aged remain the most vulnerable due to limitations in the healthcare delivery system to cater to their needs during this period,” the company said in a statement.

The CEO of mPharma, Gregory Rockson said “Throughout the pandemic, we have doubled down on this through our partnerships with both the private and public sectors to build the continent’s molecular diagnostic infrastructure. Today, the company’s effort is behind the largest network of testing laboratories in Ghana. We see this campaign as an important step in developing a community-centered approach to COVID-19 testing.”

Testing can be requested after completing a registration process on the company’s website;, and order the free test using the promo code FREE10K.

A call agent will contact the applicant and direct the requester to a qualified mutti doctor for the test.

The Test to Save campaign will provide support in the diagnosis, management, and recovery of COVID-19 patients who belong to the qualifying groups. Patients who test positive will be directed to take a PCR test at a government-approved laboratory. This will be followed by a wellness check by mPharma’s call centre team to follow up on patients’ recovery.

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

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