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Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry not for ‘name and shame’ – Akoto Osei


General News of Thursday, 2 January 2020


Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei

Minister of Monitoring and Evaluation Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei has dispelled suggestions that his ministry is not living up to its mandate, therefore failing to police and whip other sector ministries and agencies in line to deliver on government’s promises.

According to Dr Akoto Osei, who was speaking at the launch of the ‘Results Fair’ in Accra, his work is to diagnose and propose solutions confronting the various MDA’s in executing government policies.

“Contrary to public perception, my ministry’s role is not to name and shame. Rather, we work in tangent with the MDAs to determine what is wrong, what is working, what is not working, and how to seek real time solutions to implementation challenges so that the MDAs are able to optimize the effects of their policies and programs.

“Going forward, the ministry is investing more into evaluating the performance and impacts of government flagship programmes,” he stressed at the ‘Results Fair’ launch on January 2, 2020.

The ‘Results Fair’ is to provide a platform for other ministries and agencies to highlight major milestones and progress of work in the implementation of some 17 priority areas of government policies.

Some of these priority areas include the flagship Free SHS programme, the One District One Factory initiative and the Special Initiatives Ministry, which is working on government’s One Village One Dam policy in each village of northern Ghana.

Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei said the three-day conference will provide a platform through which information will be provided on the progress of work done so far, and challenges in the pursuit of government’s promises.

“The Results Fair is one of the efforts by this government to promote inclusive engagement and interactions between the public sector and the citizenry to promote evidence-based decision making and improve accountability for results.”

The forum, which is starting in Accra, will later be replicated in other parts of the country.

The three-day ‘Results Fair’ will begin on Tuesday, January 14.


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