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Minneapolis family survives Covid-19, vows to raise awareness | Health and Fitness

When Charles and Kirstin Johnson-Nixon pledged a life together for better or worse, the Minneapolis couple had no idea that the coronavirus would write their shared life’s most painful chapter.

Kirstin, a social worker who helps counsel teen parents in high school, says she and her husband tested positive for the coronavirus in early May.

Soon afterward, their eldest son, Caleb, lost his sense of smell and tested positive. Then Raphael, one of the couple’s 14-year-old twins, came down with a fever and minor headaches. He, too, tested positive.

Kirstin says she and her husband didn’t require hospitalization, but the fatigue, coughing and body aches was almost unbearable.

“Here I am, I’m a black woman. I’m overweight, I have some underlying issues, but I thought ‘How could this happen? We are doing all the right things,'” Kirstin told CNN. “I’ve had pneumonia before. I didn’t feel what I felt with Covid.”

Kirstin’s mother, Alberta Johnson, had also tested positive after she was found unresponsive in her Minneapolis home in early May.

And while Kirstin and Charles were home recovering in late May, they received a call they hoped would never happen.

Kirstin’s father, William Johnson, who also tested positive for coronavirus in May, had been placed on a ventilator.

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