Mathematical genius Dollar Bill has been successfully beating bookmakers for more than 10 years


Bill, despite his high-profile success stories, does not chase self-promotion, practically does not give interviews, and does not reveal his personal life details.

Bill’s grandfather was a professional football player who developed a young boy’s love for sports from childhood. Already at the age of 14, Bill knew the biographies of many players, followed their lives and careers, he knew their coaches` tactics and strategies and … and often was predicting the game outcomes.

From an early age, Bill showed mathematical abilities that contrary distinguished him from his peers. Quick complex problem solving and the ability to find patterns did not leave anyone indifferent. At one ongoing Olympiad, the professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences noticed Bill and invited still a young boy to his department at the Berlin University.

In parallel with his studies, he worked as a securities analyst for a large brokerage company. This job quickly bored the young guy, and Bill decided to become a professional bettor. Mathematical skills and accumulated experience turned out as a good foundation.

The fact that Bill started betting and was actively involved in this activity shocked his parents, which were expected him to get a university degree, in contrary not to lay connected his life with betting.

However, their opinion about their young son’s activities quickly changed, as Bill began to provide for himself and also for his parents. Already at a young age, Bill lived luxuriously, affording for himself an expensive car and a premium vacation for his parents.

Almost immediately, Bill realized that bookmakers did not take into account important details for setting coefficients and he used this as the main tool in order to start consistently outplaying bookmakers. Since he has had personally watched a large number of sports matches, he was extracting unique factors from them, through which he was passing coefficient, set by bookmakers, and was finding omissions in them.

Day by day Bill’s competence, experience and observation were growing, along with this, the sum of his winnings was upscaling. Such arrangement is disliked by the bookmakers, those one by one had stopped accepting his bets.

So, Bill’s opportunities to earn on what he did so well were cut off by bookmakers, and in order to ensure himself the opportunity to earn worthy of his skills, Bill opens his own bookmaker.

Yes, indeed, Bill began to make a lot of money, but the longer he worked and earned, the more clearly he understood why and who was responsible for his betting business success. The success formula of the bookmaker companies is very simple: the bookmaker earns when people lose.

After a couple of years of his business, Bill realized what was happening and realized that it was important for him to benefit people, after which he sold his bookmaker company and returned back to betting.

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

Amenorhu kwaku is an author, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of SuccessValley, a network community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs