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masks worn at all times in fitness centers


CARBONDALE (WSIL)– Statewide, Tier 3 mitigations went into effect Friday in Illinois.

The new mitigations add restrictions to restaurants, hotels, health and retail centers as well as others.

These new mitigations have put health and fitness centers, like the SIU REC center, under some tighter rules.

Social distancing is still in place, but now masks need to worn at all times, even while exercising.

The new mitigations also call for maximum 25% capacity, locker rooms are closed, and there are no indoor classes.

Before the mitigations, masks could be taken off during exercising as long as everyone was 6 feet apart.

Now, masks stay on the entire time you’re in the building.

The director of the REC center, Corne Prozesky, believes the policies will be followed as long as they can properly educate people as to why the mitigations are in place.

“I think it’s just an education process. You know, our staff is vigilant at making sure that people know it’s not just for their own safety but for the safety of other patrons that come to the facility. So we’ll calmly remind people that they do have to wear the mask and hopefully we won’t have to get in the situation where we will have to have somebody leave the facility because they couldn’t adhere to the policies that we’ve set in place,” said Prozesky.

According to Prozesky, the REC Center has been operating at 25 percent capacity since the rec center reopened in July.

Prozesky also said wearing a mask shouldn’t affect one’s ability to work out.

“It’s not preventing anybody from working out. I think our fitness staff have come up with awesome solutions. We are currently still offering virtual classes, so if anyone wants to continue with virtual training, that option is still available,” said Prozesky.

Prozesky said that the masks may interfere with high intensity cardio training, but you can still do lower intensity cardio workouts that will not be hindered by wearing a mask.

A full list of all the Tier Three mitigations can be found here.


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