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Make spiritual and physical care a priority in 2020-Campbell


General News of Wednesday, 1 January 2020


Reverend Father Andrew Campbell Reverend Father Andrew Campbell

Reverend Father Andrew Campbell, Parish Priest of Christ the King Catholic Church has asked Ghanaians especially Christians to make spiritual and physical care a priority in 2020.

He described the two elements as critical due to their role in propelling productivity and enhancing Christian lives in the next decade. In a sermon during a Eucharistic Celebration to usher parishioners into the New Year, Rev Campbell counseled Christians to be truthful in all their deeds as they were the light of the world.

“Give up the old toxic habits such as smoking, poor eating, alcoholism, self-centeredness, fornication, greed, envy, and watching of pornography. All these will work against your physical health,” he said.

“Rather focus on maintaining a constant relationship with God and your fellow human being, make good friends, exercise regularly, constantly forgive others, cultivate the habit of sharing with the poor and needy, and love your neighbours as Jesus Christ loved the world”.

Touching on the environment, Rev Campbell urged the parishioners to take steps to reduce the adverse effects of climate change by planting trees and use natural resources judiciously.

“Environmental issues are dear to the heart of our Holy Father Pope Francis. So we are encouraged to be good stewards and protect nature in our little way to survive and bequeath it to the next generation as our forefathers did,” he said.

Rev Campbell shared the bitter and sweet experiences of Jesus Christ and his parents and encouraged families facing similar difficulties to follow suit. He said the family in recent times was on attack hence the need to embrace virtues such as love, respect, trust, constant communication, spend quality time together and spice family life with a good sense of humour.

He led the parishioners to pray for forgiveness and rededicate themselves to God as they start the New Year. GNA


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