Local gyms see uptick in business this time of year


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — It’s the first week of January and people are setting their goals for 2020.

“A lot of people have their New Year’s resolutions, they’re looking to get back into the gym, to come up with a new exercise program to kick off the year. So it’s an exciting time for everybody,” said Riverwalk Athletic Club general manager Kristina Martemucci.

Local gyms are often the ones benefiting.

“We definitely see it picking up, which we expect every year, which is wonderful. We hope that it lasts,” said Martemucci.

Around this time, there’s an uptick in business. In part because of the new year, but also because of the colder weather.

“We are seeing people that are coming indoors that like to do exercises outdoors. We have a lot of members too that come in, they might go for a nice cool run outside even though it’s cold, then come back, use our sauna. So it’s kind of the best of both worlds,” said Martemucci.

But gyms can only hope that business lasts long past January.

“I see a lot of people come, and then I see a lot of people go. Shortly after,” said member Bob Mion. “I think it’s just that they lose interest in it, or they get misguided.”

“Within the first few months, it typically dies down a little bit. There’s a couple factors though, people do start to go outside a little bit more when the weather gets nicer, but our numbers definitely go down as the year goes by,” said Martemucci.

So if you made your resolution to get back on the workout grind, stick with it. Not only will your body thank you, local businesses will too.

Many gyms in our area have membership deals at the start of the year. Check out their websites to take advantage of the offers.


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