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Leonard-Valter Tudor is Romanian shoplifter jailed after being arrested less than 24 hours after arriving in Britain


Romanian arrived in Britain on Friday, was caught stealing from TK Maxx on Saturday and was locked up on Monday. Leonard-Valter Tudor, 20, arrived in Britain on Friday and was arrested Saturday. He placed £508 of goods in a foil-lined bag while in TK Maxx in Nottingham.

Leonard-Valter Tudor, 20, arrived in the UK on Friday and went to Yorkshire to meet a contact. The following day he was caught in the East Midlands, trying to steal £508 of goods from TK Maxx in Nottingham. He was caught shoplifting less than 24 hours after his arrival, a court has heard.

Tudor claimed a Romanian man offered him a job shoplifting goods from stores. He was jailed for 16 weeks in a young offenders institute after his guilty plea

The father-of-one tried to use a foil-lined bag to interfere with the signals of security tags on the items.

He was arrested at the store and appeared on court on Monday, where he was detained in a young offenders institution for 16 weeks.

An accomplice managed to avoid arrest, Nottingham Live reported.

Sanjay Jerath, prosecuting, told the court: ‘In interview, the defendant said he landed in the country the day before. He went to an address in Doncaster intending to find some work.

‘He was approached by another Romanian man he doesn’t know. There was the suggestion of employment in Nottingham of taking items from a shop and accepts he was opening bags and taking items.

‘He had a foil lined bag and takes full responsibility for his action.’

Tudor, 20, was helped by a Romanian interpreter in court. He admitted theft of accessories worth £508 and having a foil-lined bag.

District Judge Leo Pyle sent him to a young offenders’ institution for 16 weeks and ordered him to pay a £115 government surcharge.

He told Tudor: ‘The sentence should be a deterrent in your particular case.’

Neil O’Sullivan, mitigating, said Tudor became a father for the first time a fortnight ago.

He had the prospect of work in South Yorkshire and came to stay with a friend in the Doncaster area.

‘Simply the promise of money led him to commit these offences. As one can imagine, he had no income whatsoever as he only landed on Friday.’

The defence lawyer continued: ‘He was detained straight away by security staff. All the items were recovered.

‘This was an enterprise he entered into with some reluctance, it is fair to say. In some ways, it was borne out of necessity.’

He said Tudor admitted the offences immediately and planned to return to South Yorkshire if released.

Mr O’Sullivan added: ‘He tells me the prospect of work is a genuine one and is aimed simply to provide for his family in future.’

In 2013, police chiefs at Europol warned that Romanian pickpocketing gangs were flying into major European cities and ‘getting home for tea’ on budget flights.

Police said that, at that point, they had identified 240 organised crime gangs from Romania, many of whom had links around Europe.

There is no suggestion the thief in this week’s case was part of such a gang.


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