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Fitness trackers are a great digital tool and a gadget that
helps monitor your daily physical activities and progress to help you attain
your health and fitness goals.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, training for a sports
competition, or increasing your muscle strength, you need a fitness tracker to
monitor and get your body where it needs to be.

Using a reliable fitness tracker will ensure you are monitoring
your progress correctly. A fitness tracker has features that will help you with
your training, and you can quickly identify which areas of your fitness regime
you are good at and which requires improvement. You’ll be able to get an
accurate big picture view of your workout routine.

KoreTrak by KoreHeath is one of the best available options for accurate monitoring of your health and fitness. It is a no-fuss smart fitness tracker and health monitor that gives precise insight into everything you need to reach your goal, stay on track, and improve your overall wellness.

This wearable watch helps users monitor and track important
health and wellness metrics in their daily life. This device has seen a steep
demand in 2020. The success of similar products in the market has helped
increase the universal appeal of fitness bands in the generation of
health-conscious consumers.

In this article, we will extensively cover the ins and outs of the KoreTrak smart fitness tracker. The entire overview goes into the depth of the KoreTrak fitness watch’s inner workings to decide whether to buy or not to buy this product.

What is KoreTrak Fitness

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KoreTrak fitness watch is a dual purpose watch that acts as an extension to your smartphone with added benefits of being a health and fitness monitor and tracker. It is a smartwatch and fitness tracker that actively monitors vital bodily signs so users can get clear and precise information, analysis, and metrics about their weight management, sleep, and, most importantly, 24×7 health monitoring at a glance.

Users can also gain access to information stored in their phones
on this smartwatch, besides keeping track of their health and fitness goals.
KoreTrak fitness watch is not only convenient to use; it contributes to one’s

The KoreTrak Smart Body tracker is the highest in-demand fitness
belt and smartwatch of the year 2020. The advanced wireless-enabled wearable
technology functionality and the intuitive health-enhancing features packed in
this wristwatch make it the No. 1 fitness watch.

This fitness watch uses advanced biometric
that allows this device to analyze your body condition
and provide real-time health and fitness metric. With just a quick scan, this
device can analyze your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level.
This smartwatch comes with an integrated fitness app designed to help engage the
user with exercise. It helps track calculate the distance you covered running,
steps, how many calories you have burned, and more.

In addition to the health and fitness features, this smartwatch
ensures that you are connected to the world. You have to connect this device to
your apple or android smartphone; this allows you to receive notifications on
the messages received and missed call alerts. You can also track your phone
with this device if you misplace it. Overall, this device embraces more features
than a regular smartwatch.

Features of KoreTrak

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The KoreTrak Smartwatch ensures the user gets clear and precise
insight into everything they need to reach their fitness goals, keep it on
track, and advance their overall well being. It helps with real-time exercise
stats, sleep tracking features, and smartphone notifications, but that isn’t
all. This smartwatch has much more to offer.

Here is the list of some exclusive features of the KoreTrak Fitness Tracker:

  • Monitor your heart rate and
    blood pressure 24/7
  • State-of-the-art Fitness
    tracking to keep a check your workouts and get fit
  • Step counter with the ability
    to set goals which help lose weight fast
  • Sleep manager for going to
    bed and getting woken up at your desired times
  • Calorie counter to improve
    eating habits and ensure your weight loss efforts don’t go in vain
  • 380MAH Li-ion battery for
    long life, super-efficient, less annoying recharges
  • Big 1.3″ display with an HD
    clear, easy-to-read display, sized for easy touch controls
  • Sedentary Warning reminders
    to sit less and move more
  • Great Styling, high-tech,
    modern-looking, a real active smartwatch for any gender, with a robust and
    classic finish
  • Acts as an extension to your
    smartphone. It allows users to take calls and gets notifications, allowing the
    phone to stay safe in your pocket or bag
  • Syncs to both Apple and
    Android phones, Supports IOS and Android operating systems.
  • Controls music giving easy
    access to change the track or raise and lower the volume
  • The anti-lost feature can
    call your lost phone from your KoreTrak Watch to find it fast
  • Users can take photos using the KoreTrak Watch to take a
    picture on your smartphone

How much does the KoreTrak
Fitness Tracker Cost?

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KoreTrak is currently available in the following discounted prices (All prices mentioned are in USD)

  • 1 KoreTrak: $49.95 + $8.95
    (Shipping and Handling)
  • 2 KoreTraks: $99.90 + $9.95
    (Shipping and Handling)
  • 3 KoreTraks: $112.39 (BEST DEAL) + $10.95 (Shipping and

KoreTrak’s lifetime protection and replacement warranty can be
purchased for an additional $19.99 with each device bought. The extended
warranty provides lifetime protection and replacement on your device.

To contact KoreTrak’s creators, reach out to KoreHealth customer
service at:

Call: United States & Canada (Toll Free): 609 414 7087 or
try 1-844-846-7426, United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084, Australia &
New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316 or email: support@korehealth.com.

To switch gears before sharing the final researched thoughts on using the KoreHealth KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker wristwatch, it may be of importance to compare the best fitness tracker smartwatch under $100 to some of the industry leading brands via an in-depth comparison. Be sure to compare the KoreTrak to all the top fitness tracking smartwatches and see that this is easily one of the most advanced health monitoring fitness trackers on the market in 2020 that is well under $100 and can be bought at a big discount while introductory prices are still here on a first come first serve basis.

Koretrak Vs Top Smartwatches: An In-Depth Comparison

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With time, gadgets are getting smarter and smaller. What can be a better example of this trend than the smartwatches and fitness bands! Some of these gadgets are so light that you won’t feel them in your pocket, yet they pack in a multitude of features. Choosing the right smartwatch and fitness band, however, is no easy task, given the abundance of options. You may pick from reputed brands like Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, and Fossil. You may also try new entrants like KoreHealth KoreTrak that offer benefits of both a fitness band and smartwatch and come with a tempting price tag.

Is the KoreTrak a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?

By now, you already know the KoreTrak is a feature-packed smartwatch that also doubles up as a capable fitness tracker. It syncs with your smartphone and monitors physical, vital signs actively. Made by KoreHealth Fitness Company, it has stylish looks and great build quality. It makes use of sophisticated biometric technology, and a quick scan reveals your vital health metrics such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate.

How the top competing products fare?

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So, how do the competing products made by high profile rivals stack up against KoreTrak smartwatch? Here’s a quick analysis:

Samsung Galaxy Watch- Made by the South Korean
technology giant, the Sporty Galaxy watch runs on Tizen OS. It is stylish and
sports a bright SAMOLED screen. There are cool features like wireless charging
and Wi-Fi Connectivity. You get a functional rotating bezel, and the battery
life is good.

What are the downers: The Galaxy watch is darn expensive, and
the charger is somewhat tedious to use. Many users will find the Bixby voice
assistant, not that useful.

Apple Watch 5- Running on watchOS 6 this
smartwatch is compatible with only iOS devices. The 1.78″ OLED display is
bright, and the processor is fast. Wireless charging is there, and support for
LTE and NFC are there. Apple has lacked it to the brim with cutting edge
features including an always-on display, ECG monitor, and GPS.

What are the downers: Like any Apple product, this is not for
people with modest budgets. You can’t use it with your Android smartphone yet.

Fossil Sport- Fossil is a big player in the
premium wrist watch segment, and it takes a leap into the fast-evolving
smartwatch segment. Fossil Sport is a sleek and lightweight smartwatch running
on Wear OS. Powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU, it supports both Android
and iOS. The 390 x 390 AMOLED display is bright, and it has an IP 68 rating. It
packs in GPS along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity.

What are the downers: Fossil Sport looks stylish but fails to
stand out amidst rivals sporting similar features. Its battery life is just
about average. The price is also on the higher side.

Fitbit Versa 2- This is Fitbit’s contender
to take on popular smartwatch players. Fitbit Versa 2 runs on Fitbit OS and
supports Android and iOS. The battery life is quite good, and it has excellent
wireless connectivity along with NFC. Alexa integration and always-on display
are functional.

What are the downers: The device is quite expensive. GPS is
missing. It does not work with popular third-party health apps.

Where KoreTrak scores over competing smartwatches

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There are some areas in which KoreTrak races ahead of most of the competing smartwatches and fitness trackers.

  • A tempting price tag- Despite
    its long list of fitness and smartwatch centric features, KoreTrak is way more
    affordable than most competing devices. The company is now offering a discount-
    which makes the deal even more tempting.
  • Money-back guarantee- If you
    are skeptical about the efficacy of KoreTrak, just relax. The company offers a
    money-back guarantee valid for 30 days. The return policy is hassle-free.
  • Enhanced durability- The
    device sports IP67 rating, which makes it reasonably water-resistant. This feature
    is found only in high-end devices, costing a whopping amount.
  • Lifetime protection offer- For just $19.98, you can avail
    a lifetime protection warranty with replacement.

How much do you need to pay and where to buy?

Now that there is a fair comparison of the KoreTrak smartwatch
vs the other best fitness trackers in 2020, as mentioned, the original price of
the Kore Trak is $76.85. However, the company is now selling it at a whopping
50% discount. So, you have to pay only $49.95 today. Buying two or more units
makes you eligible for higher discounts. 3 KoreTrak units will cost $112.39.

You need to buy it online directly from the brand website. You can pay through popular online payment methods like PayPal, AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard.

Final thoughts on KoreTrak Fitness Tracker:

What makes the KoreTrack Fitness tracker a hit is that it
integrates the style and convenience of a smartwatch with a fitness device’s
biometric features at a rare, affordable and completely amazing price point.
With an intuitive touchpad, this device helps navigate apps with ease, making
it supremely user-friendly. The KoreTrak watch is available in different
styles and colors that suit your preference.

It is a practical, affordable, and useful smartwatch and fitness
tracker. Its desirable look and a full spectrum of features make this a
must-have health item to get in shape and staying active. When comparing to the
best smartwatch fitness trackers in 2020, it is a clear cut winner as to what
the KoreTrak activity band can offer users who are looking for all the same
advanced functionality and health-tracking features, but simply for a fifth of
the price of some of the leading brands and real time health monitoring

In closing, if you care less about big brand names and give more
priority to core functionality, then you should give KoreTrak wristband a try.
It offers dual functionality of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch within
budget. The device is stylish and comes in some color options as well. It is
pretty durable and packs in lots of features. If you do not need features like
NFC and GPS, it makes sense to pick it over the pricier rivals. The brand
offers are lucrative, and so is the lifetime warranty cover, bundled in for a
minimal amount.

Click here now to get the KoreTrak Watch at an amazing half off discount price and join the community of thousands of individuals taking full advantage of the best fitness tracker under $100 in 2020.

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