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Improving Dairy Technology Utilization

Improving Dairy Technology Utilization – AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST, Republik City News
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter

With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Today’s dairy farms are much more high tech than many people realize. Tony Lopes is a dairy producer in Gustine.

Lopes… “It’s very hard for dairy businesses to grow without some sort of basis in technology. So whether that’s a software in the feed trucks to help feeders feed the cattle. Our parlors, generally most are ran off of a computer software program from one of the major manufacturers in order to control the pulsation rate and the takeoff settings and things of that nature. Herd management software, to where you’re entering a cow’s ID and health events and production information. Those are all pretty common across the industry.”

But Lopes says, the best way to improve a dairy operation is not by adding more technology, but my more fully utilizing the technology you already have.

Lopes… “I have a strong belief that virtually no one is utilizing the technology. They already have to its fullest extent. And, hey, we’re already paying for this software. We already have these programs. Let’s figure out how to use them to a degree, optimize, the investment that we’re already making in this data. Ensure that when we’re entering health events, that we’re being as specific and consistent as possible. So that at the end of the year, when we look back on our data, we actually have something that tells an accurate story of what happened to our cows this year.”

Lopes is using data and technology to keep his family’s dairy on the leading edge of efficiency.

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